Thriving in Advanced & Honors Classes

Honors classes can be quite a challenge for many students, especially Freshmen! To foster achievement at the highest levels, students should be prepared to cover readings at a greater speed, depth, and sophistication than in previous courses. It is typical for many 9th grade students to struggle at the beginning in their Honors classes! Utilize your resources and take full advantage of any supports offered to you to ensure your success in the challenging classes. 

Below are some tips and strategies from students who have survived Honors Classes at FHS! 
  • Use your Resource Time! Its important to meet with your teachers during this time to stay on top of your work and to ask questions when you are confused. 
  • Go to Tutoring! Don't be embarrassed to ask for help! We all need it! 
  • Ask questions in class!
  • Take good notes
  • Don't procrastinate, manage your time well
  • Know when too much is too much! Its important to be involved in clubs and sports but don't over do it. 
  • Don't give up! Believe in yourself!
  • Talk to a student who has been there and survived
  • Use your agenda - stay organized!
Here some great articles for students and families to help you along the way!