Teen Depression

This information is adapted from "Families For Depression Awareness"

Teen Depression
Depression is not normal teen moodiness; it is a medical condition that interferes with a child’s life and may
have long-lasting symptoms. Depression can lead to suicide. Treatment is essential. Consider these facts:
1. Depression begins in adolescence.
• At least half of all cases of depression begin by age 14.*
2. Teen depression is common.
• By the end of their teen years, 20% will have had
3. Depression is treatable.
• More than 85% of teens improve with a combination of
medication and therapy.*
4. Over 65% of teens don’t receive treatment from a mental
health provider.*
5. Untreated depression has serious consequences.
It can lead to
• Substance abuse*
• Academic failure
• Bullying*
• Eating disorders
• Suicide, which is the second leading cause of death
among 15- to 24-year-olds.*

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Signs of Depression:What Parents or Teachers May Notice

• Irritable or cranky mood

• Loss of interest in sports or other activities, withdrawal from friends and family, relationship problems

• Failure to gain weight as normally expected

• Excessive late-night activities, having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, having trouble getting up in
the morning, frequently late for school

• Taking a long time to complete normal tasks, pacing back and forth, excessive repetition of behaviors

• Social withdrawal, napping, withdrawal from usual activities, boredom

• Making critical comments about themselves, having behavior problems at home or school, being overly sensitive to rejection

• Poor performance at school, drop in grades, frequent absences

• Frequent complaints of physical pain (headache, stomachache), frequent visits to school nurse

• Preoccupation that life is meaningless

• Writing about death, giving away favorite toys or belongings, “You’d be better off without me.”

If you are concerned about these issues, here are some things you can do

• Learn about teen depression and how you can help by viewing this FREE webinar,
Teen Depression Through 3 Lenses: Young Adult, Parent, Clinician,
on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 7:00 PM ET. Register at www.familyaware.org/trainings.

• View additional resources at www.familyaware.org/teens.

*For a more detailed Teen Depression Fact Sheet, including citations, please visit www.familyaware.org/teens.

• If a teen you know has been thinking about death or suicide, page their clinician,
call 9-1-1, or take them to their local emergency room immediately