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If you are thinking about attending one of the five Military Academies, please consider attending an informational session on February 28, 2015.  See the attached flyer for more information.

Here is some information about other opportunities with the Air Force Academy.


HORIZONS                                                                              Volume  IV, March 2015

Freshmen and Sophomores.

Graduating Between 2017 and 2021?

If you have a Freshman, Sophomore or current Middle School student who will be graduating from high school between 2017 and 2021 and they wish to keep in touch with the United States Air Force Academy, they may register for our Future Falcons Program. This program is designed for students in 6th grade through their first semester of their junior year.

Once they register, we will place their name in a database and send them periodic mailings. The mailings are designed to keep them informed about the Academy and updated on what they need to be doing to be competitive for an appointment to the Academy.

USAFA Cadet Chapel 2013

Junior Year

Junior year is when the application process to the Academy truly begins. Students will start by filling out the Pre-Candidate Questionnaire, which becomes available online March 1 every year.

Between March 1 of their junior year and December 31 of their senior year, students must submit a completed Pre-Candidate Questionnaire. If they are ready to begin their application, they can visit the Pre-Candidate Questionnaire online.

Between March 1 of their junior year and December 31 of their senior year, they must also request nominations from their state’s congressional representative(s) or other designated nominator.

If they are interested in seeing what life at the Academy is really like, they should consider applying to participate in our Summer Seminar program, designed for high school juniors during the summer before their senior year. This program is highly competitive and there are limited number of spaces available.

NOTE: As with any top university, competition for admission to the Academy is extremely high. In addition to applying to the Academy, their college application strategy should include a backup plan.

We recommend that they apply to a select number of colleges in addition to the Academy. To pursue an interest in the Air Force, they may also wish to request and submit an applications for Air Force ROTC.

Who Do Students Talk To

On select dates throughout the year, representatives from the United States Air Force Academy participate in college fairs, visit high schools or speak at community centers across the nation. These events are great opportunities to learn more about what the Academy has to offer.

The majority of our events are held in the fall and spring, with fewer events in the summer months. To learn more about the Academy, check for an event that may be convenient to you.

The United States Air Force Academy strives to create a highly qualified and truly diverse cadet wing at the Academy each year. We are looking to expand our applicant pool across individual characteristics defined by our diversity definition, that include:

  • Personal life experiences, including having overcome adversity by personal efforts
  • Geographic background, such as region, rural, suburban, urban
  • Socioeconomic and educational background, such as academic excellence and/or whether an individual would be a first generation college student
  • Cultural knowledge and language abilities, with particular emphasis on cultures and languages of strategic importance to the Air Force
  • Work background, including prior enlisted service
  • Physical abilities, including athletic prowess
  • Age, though applicants must be within statutory parameters for academy attendance

In addition to race, ethnicity, and gender. If students come from a diverse background in terms of race, ethnicity, or gender, or if their background includes diverse experiences, knowledge or abilities, if they seek an education that is on par with highly selective colleges and universities, and have a desire to do service, please have them consider the United States Air Force Academy and become familiar with our application process and admissions requirements. One of our admissions goals is to ensure that potential applicants are aware of the opportunities at your United States Air Force Academy.  USAFA Admissions hires newly graduated Lieutenants responsible to admissions, outreach and mentoring activities. These admissions advisors are dedicated to spreading the word about their Academy experience, education and the opportunities afforded by a career in the United States Air Force to potential applicants.

Find An Admissions Advisor By Region

If you have a student considering competing for an appointment to the Academy, and their background or life experiences include factors considered to be diverse, please let us know by making contact with their admissions advisor. Their admissions advisor can discuss their background, their concerns and their potential at the Academy with them and their family. They can find the admissions advisor in their region, as well as the Admissions Liaison Officer (ALO) for your school or area, by performing a search, here.

Click here for all the application steps and a link to a smart phone app checklist. 


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