FHS Profile 2016-2017

Information based on 2015-2016 school year data

CEEB CODE 500-702


  • Middle to upper income
  • Residential with some agriculture
  • Located ten miles southwest of downtown Milwaukee, WI
  • Population: 36,310 residents in Franklin. School boundaries of adjoining suburbs do cross City of Franklin lines.


FHS is one of seven schools in the Franklin Public School system. FHS is the only comprehensive high school in Franklin.


1515 students - Grades 9-12


95 certified staff members (60% with Masters degrees or above).

SuperintendentDr. Steve Patz
PrincipalSusan Rach
Associate Principals

Anita Sundstrom (A-L)

Brian Karolewicz (M-Z)

Athletic DirectorSarah Unertl

Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning

Mr. Nick Kohn
Director of Pupil ServicesMs. Julie Preman
Guidance Counselors

Diane Gilroy (A-F All Grades)

Katharine Reid (G-L Class of 2017 and 2018, G-J Class of 2019 and beyond)

Keith Decker (M-R Class of 2017 and 2018,  K-Q Class of 2019 and beyond)

Mindy Willard (S-Z Class of 2017 and 2018,  R-Z Class of 2019 and beyond)

Graduation Requirements 

Students must earn a minimum of 28 credits to graduate from Franklin High School.

  • English - Four credits (8 semesters)
  • Mathematics - Three credits (6 semesters)
  • Science - Three credits (6 Semesters) - one credit must be a Life Science and one must be a Physical Science
  • Social Studies - Three credits (6 semesters) - Must include 1 semester of Government or 2 semesters of AP Government.
  • Physical Education  - 1.5 credits
  • Junior/Senior Health - 0.5 credits
  • Electives - 13 credits

Grade Point Average

A   =   4.0
A-  =   3.667
B+ =   3.333
B   =   3.0
B-  =   2.667
C+ =   2.333
C   =   2.0
C-  =   1.667
D+ =   1.333
D   =   1.0
D-  =    0.667
F   =    0

Comparative Data

2015 ACT Composite Scores

Franklin High School ( Students Tested)23.6
State of Wisconsin22.2


Senior Survey Class of 2016

Work Full-Time185%
College 4-Year27178%
College 2-Year4513%
Armed Forces31%

Advanced Placement Program (AP) Exams

Participation in the AP program provides students the opportunity to take college-level courses while still in high school.  Each AP course has a corresponding AP Exam that schools worldwide administer in May.  Most colleges and universities in the US and Canada, and more than 40 other countries, grant students credit, placement or both for qualifying AP Exam grades.

Number of AP Courses offered at FHS         15

Number of AP Exams taken @ FHS/2015    699

2015 AP Exam Pass Rate @ FHS               79.4%

Class Length

Class are 86 minutes in length, M, T, W, F on an alternate day (A/B) block schedule, and 81 minutes of early release Thursdays.

Students schedule for 8 classes, 4 periods each day.  36 weeks/year

Course Transcripted Codes


 ACCTCourse meets the state requirements allowing students the ability to earn a certificate as an Asst. Child Care Teacher
 APAdvanced Placement
 ASAdvanced Standing
 CAPPCooperative Academic Partnership Program
 CCTCChild Care Teacher Certification
 MATCMilwaukee Area Technical College
 PLTWProject Lead The Way
 TCTranscripted Credit




The study of visual arts generates all other learning, develops higher level critical & creative thinking skills, is essential for expression, innovation, conceptualization & communication, and instills a deeper understanding of others.

Business, Family & Consumer Science, Pre-Engineering, Communication & Technology Education

FHS is a comprehensive learning institution offering an exceptional professional and Career & Technical Education curriculum where students learn the vital 21st Century skills to develop the whole student. Many areas offer a 3 or 4-year sequence of classes with increased scope, rigor and skill development. Students can earn Advanced Standing (AS) or Transcripted Credit (TC) at Wisconsin Technical Colleges. At FHS, we currently offer 13 AS classes and 23 TC classes across the curriculum.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW), the pre-engineering curriculum, introduces students to the discipline of engineering with the integration of advanced math and science concepts. Milwaukee School of Engineering & MATC accept the PLTW courses for Transcripted Credit.


All Franklin High School English courses are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Each course is designed to enrich students’ ability to read critically, write proficiently, listen attentively and speak articulately in order to prepare for college or career readiness.

Math/Computer Science

The Franklin Public Schools Mathematics program will provide every student with a rigorous and challenging curriculum. Every student will have the opportunity to achieve at his/her highest possible level and will receive high quality instruction which will be guided by best practices.   Each student will participate in a learning environment that develops his/her ability to problem solve, analyze, communicate his/her mathematical thinking effectively, work independently and collaboratively to solve mathematical problems.


By inspiring personal success, Franklin Public Schools' music program will foster creativity, collaboration, and create connections that will establish a lifelong appreciation of music for all students.

Physical Education/Health Education

The Physical Education (PE) curriculum at FHS exists to allow and encourage students to experience fitness, games, sports, movement and dance activities in a positive, safe and healthy setting. 


Every Science class at Franklin High School is inquiry based and incorporates laboratory work and problem-solving to enable students to investigate and understand the natural world around them. Participants are guided to discover issues, encouraged to ask meaningful questions, and motivated to design experiments to answer those questions.

Social Studies

Every Social Studies class at Franklin Public Schools is designed to engage all students in a rigorous, authentic, student-centered learning environment that fosters social and multicultural understanding and civic responsibilities in our local, national and global societies. Our focus on the development of higher level thinking skills through an emphasis on reading and writing ensures that our students are ready to be successful in college.

Special Education

The Special Education Department provides a full continuum of services in which students with disabilities can grow to become self-aware, self-advocating, and  self-directed strategic learners.

World Languages

The Franklin Public Schools World Language department will prepare students to communicate successfully as lifelong learners in world languages and become global citizens in order to promote cultural awareness in a rapidly changing world. The world language department now offers CAPP courses as an alternative to AP.