Applying to College

Its Go Time! Applying is easier than ever. 

(Steps to follow for FHS Seniors) ...See new counselor information on main page!!!

    In September, Counselors meet with all seniors, to distribute and discuss all relevant information regarding post-secondary educational and scholarship planning.
      Students should turn in completed Post-Secondary Resume to their School Counselor. This will help us as we write your Letters of Recommendation. 
        Students should sign up for a free account to send transcripts to colleges. It is your responsibility to send your transcripts to the colleges in which you are applying. This will take up to 3 days so be aware of pending deadlines. 
          APPLY FOR COLLEGE EARLY - in September/October of senior year! If you have any questions or concerns, contact your Counselor.
            Students may complete College applications on-line or may submit a paper copy. Online applications are highly recommended. Many schools use the Common Application

            Please communicate to your School Counselor which schools you are applying to. 

            Counselors will complete the Counselor portion of the application. If using Common App, counselor will be immediately notified of their responsibility. Always double check with your Counselor to ensure that they received this information. It is possible that the student misspelled the counselor's name when submitting their email address. You will be able to see when the Counselor completed his/her portion. 

            Be sure to fill out your FAFSA after January 1 (for class of 2016) or October 1 (class of 2017 and beyond). Attend our Financial Aid planning night for more information. 

            Decision TimeYou do not have to make a commitment to your school of choice until May 1. 

            Below is the link to applying to schools in the UW System.