About the Counseling Program

The School Counseling Program at FHS is a comprehensive, developmental program addressing the areas of academic, career and social/emotional development to help all students achieve their excellence. The high school counseling program  begins with eighth grade orientation and culminates in planning for post-high school experiences. Our Counseling Program is in the process of implementing the American School Counselors Association (ASCA) National Model.

There are 3 main components that make an ASCA Model program unique.

  • The first is that we serve ALL students. We do not wait for students to come to us. We plan a preventative and proactive program that serves our community.
  • Second, we use data to select interventions for students and use academic, attendance and discipline data to monitor the effectiveness of those interventions.
  • Third, our program would not be successful without effective collaboration with teachers, administration, students, parents and the community. The program does not belong solely to the school counselors nor is it implemented solely by school counselors rather it is a school wide program.
  • These services are delivered through classroom instruction, small groups and individual student planning with all students. 
  • We provide Universal Instruction for all students in creating their Individual Academic and Career Plan through classroom lessons and assembly style meetings. 
  • We offer small groups each year on a variety of topics. These topics vary according to an annual review of school-wide data and needs assessments. 
  • We provide Individual Student Planning meetings for students and families related to academic, college/career success and social/emotional concerns. These meetings are aimed at removing any barriers to success and at preparing students to Achieve Their Excellence at FHS and beyond. 

Counselors are available for consultation during the school day and on selected days during the summer. If you need help or have any questions or concerns, please contact your School Counselor.

Counselors are:

Mrs. Gilroy - Last names A-F   
Mrs. Reid- Last names G-L  / Class of 2019 and beyond G-J   
Mr. Decker - Last names M-R / Class of 2019 and beyond K-Q
Mrs. Willard - Last names S-Z / Class of 2019 and beyond R-Z

Administrative Assistants: 

Pam Kuspa, Secretary
Joyce Price, Office Assistant