12th Grade

Here are a series of videos that you may want to check out as you begin transitioning to college. A lot of this advice can be used in high school as well! This is one on How to Study Effectively. Check out other videos by Thomas Frank as well

YouTube Video

We met with all 12th graders in September to review important information regarding their post-secondary plans. This presentation has many live links to relevant websites that may be helpful. Also see the Academic and Career Planning Tab on our site for more resources. 

Senior Fall Meeting

Senior End of Year Meeting May 17, 2016

End of Year Senior Meeting - Important information regarding Parchment, Chromebooks, Senior Survey and a celebration of our post FHS Plans! 

Graduation Statistics and Senior Video

Junior Joseph Rathkamp recently created a project celebrating the plans of the class of 2017. 
Here you will find his entire project after surveying 111 students and interviewing over 30 for a fun video on the last slide. 
*keep in mind this is a small representation of the entire senior class which has over 300 students

Senior Presentation1.ppt