Frank's talents

On LinkedIn, people rated strategy, change management and coaching my top 3 skills. I experience that being open-minded, asking questions, listening, learning, analyzing, being persistent and even-handedly judging evidence are of strong importance to help create value across all of these areas.

During the #initiate19 work process, David Halser said to me that I ask very good questions.

During the #initiate19 work process, Barbara Ibo said to me that I am good at asking questions. In a follow-up conversation, Barbara said to me, "I felt very much accepted by you. Your interest feels real and alive. I think your essence is resonating." What does resonating mean, I asked. Her feedback: "For me, resonating means perceiving vibrations in one another and responding to them. It means meeting the other person in a an open-minded way, a playful way, a harmonious way and a non-evaluating way - accepting that the other person is free. It also means meeting the other person in in a firm way so that something unimaginable may come out of the encounter."

Among the best learning experiences I have had are Learning and skills group live chat webinars. Moderator Donald H. Taylor gave me this feedback to the question what my natural talent is: "You have a natural curiosity and are very even-handed in judging evidence."

To the question about what my natural talent is, Christina Merl gave me this feedback: You ask good questions. You are persistent. And you can network well.

Asking Lars Kolind what he thinks my natural talent is, he said: "I have no doubt that you are analytical, intelligent, persistent and have large domain knowledge."

Isabella Mui Kuen Lo gave me the feedback that one of my "fundamental attitudes in life is to keep learning, asking questions and being curious." Isabella went on to explain that one of my strengths is my focus on values. She explained that I helped understand her customer faster and better by understanding her customer's values. At the same time, she came to learn about her own values.

During a Working Out Loud process, Lucie Spittler gave me this feedback to the question what she experiences that my natural talents are: You have an ability to connect with people. You are very good at finding common ground. You are good at making people feel comfortable - listening actively and really paying attention to other people. You are curious and ask questions. Your positive attitude is really ingenious.

During a Working Out Loud process, Luise Bornand gave me this feedback to the question what my natural talents are: You are very present. You perceive people around you, greet people, look at people directly and talk to people. You are very open-minded and interested. Diversity is interesting for you. You have a caring side. You have a real interest in other people. It seems important for you to make a contribution in a group.

Jochen Sorg, with whom I sing and play the guitar, gave me this feedback: "Through the way you are and that you deal with difficulties, you help many people. You are not a person, who simply ride the waves."

When I sing and/or play the guitar, people tell me that it helps them feel calm. Feedback example # 1. Feedback example # 2.