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What is Technology Education?

Technology Education is the practice of educating students about different technology and engineering concepts as they relate to the "human made" world. 
Students gain a better understanding of how efforts to "improve our world" take on a broad scope in the world of engineering by exploring and researching areas such as -
* Making more energy efficient vehicles
* Finding better materials for building our roads and bridges
* Developing more portable and efficient communication technologies
* Advancements in technologies that are used in medicines, prosthetics, surgery techniques
* Robots and the use of them in our lives in manufacturing, construction, bio-tech, etc.
* The use of computers in our everyday lives to succeed in our education as well as become prepared for the future
* Hands-on projects and activities to help students develop strong skills in problem-solving and cooperative learning experiences with their peers
* ...and so much more

Pretty much everything we touch in today's world has been carefully studied, tested and evaluated before it enters our everyday lives.

Tech Ed classes in the Framingham Middle Schools 
encompass several 
different areas that have been established by the 

MA State Frameworks 
in Science, Technology, and Engineering. 

They include: 

Engineering Design
Tools and Materials
Manufacturing Technologies
Bio and Medical Technologies
Communication Systems
Transportation Systems

Framingham Public Schools
Middle School Tech Ed Dept.


For all three grades of middle school in Framingham, every student is scheduled for Tech Ed classes. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and a bit about our program at Walsh.


Mr. Pascal Chesnais studied and practiced as an engineer and worked at MIT for thirteen years,  founded a start up, and then ran global research programs for France Telecom R&D, before making the leap into teaching at Walsh Middle School. Along with his classes, he enjoys running the after-school Walsh Robotics Club. You may have heard about the success that the WalshBots have had these past few years, both in their competitions in the New England Regional VEX Robotics Tournaments and their experiences at the VEX Robotics World Championships, currently held every April in Kentucky.

We both have fun working with middle schoolers and hope that reflects in our class and club work with your children.

Class offerings:  We are fortunate in that we each teach and enjoy getting to know every single student at Walsh during their three years here at Walsh. Students are scheduled for one term of Tech Ed in 6th, 7th and 8th grades which works out to be 30 class sessions. One half of the term (15 days), classes either meet in the Tech Ed Computer Lab or the Project Based classroom then at the mid-term, they switch classes. This way all students participate in both types of Tech Ed for all three years here. In both of our classes we highlight the MA Technology and Engineering Standards using practical hands-on projects and applications. The three middle schools in Framingham are working together to provide comparable learning experiences that address these Standards that are currently tested on the 8th grade end of year MCAS test. We ask that you take a look at our town-wide middle school Tech Ed Mission Statement at the bottom of this letter which explains our focus and goals for Framingham’s middle school students in the Tech Ed Department.

Supplies: No special supplies or equipment are required for our classes - we just ask that the students come prepared to use their best ideas and collaborative skills; be ready to experiment with some trials (and errors!); and arrive ready to give Tech Ed their best energy and attention!In the Computer Lab we use Dell/PC’s that run on the Google platform. If you have a computer at home, no matter PC or Mac, your youngster should have no difficulties in being able to access our websites for accessibility to any program/sites that we may use.

Here is a sample of our 6th (7th/8th)  grade program work:

TECH ED 6th Grade:

Chesnais/Tech Ed Project Lab -

  • Measuring tools

  • Scaled Drawings

  • Properties of materials

  • Paper Rocket Models

Tech Ed Computer Lab -

  • Introduction to “what is technology?”

  • Transportation Systems (structural, propulsion, guidance, suspension and control)

  • Computer literacy skills (intro Google student account organizing skills; basic graphic arts tools; keyboarding intro - TYPING CLUB)

  • Introduction to coding

TECH ED 7th Grade:

Chesnais/ Tech Ed Project Lab -

  • Structures - bridges - building and testing load; forces of bending, compression, tension, torsion, and shear

  • Construct a prototype of a solution given a design problem

Tech Ed Computer Lab -

  • Continued Computer Literacy and organizing skills; continued keyboarding TYPING CLUB

  • Inventions - Introduction to the Engineering Design Process

  • Bridge Project - terms load, span, compression, torsion, tension, etc.

  • Continued work in coding programs

TECH ED 8th Grade:

Chesnais/ Tech Ed Project Lab -

  • Engineering Design Process

  • Project based:

    • Sound lab - electromagnetic forces, sound waves, electronic musical instruments

    • Robotics - mechanisms, motion, energy, and power.

      • Programming extension; inputs, processes, outputs/feedback, etc.

Tech Ed Computer Lab -

  • Inventions - the Engineering Design Process

  • 3-view drawings/some individual 3-D printer design work

  • Continued and more extensive work in coding programs


Mr. Pascal Chesnais - pchesnais@framingham.k12.ma.us


TYPING CLUB (LINK located on the front of the Walsh Website)





Framingham middle schools provide opportunities for interdisciplinary learning experiences where students can apply and reinforce math, science, computer literacy, and other specialized skills through the use of technology-based applications. In grades six through eight, students pursue engineering questions and technological solutions that emphasize research and problem solving. Students develop skills in Engineering Design by learning to conceptualize a problem, design, construct, and test prototypes, making modifications as necessary. Through these engineering challenges, students are given the unique opportunity to collaboratively apply numerous academic concepts through practical hands-on applications.



As escolas intermediárias de Framingham oferecem oportunidades para experiências de aprendizagem interdisciplinares, onde estudantes podem candidatar-se e reforçar matemática, ciência, alfabetização informática e outras habilidades especializadas através do uso de aplicações baseadas em tecnologia. Nos graus seis a oito, os alunos buscam questões de engenharia e soluções tecnológicas que enfatizam pesquisas e resolução de problemas. Os alunos desenvolvem habilidades em Design de Engenharia aprendendo a conceituar um problema, projetar, construir e testar protótipos, fazendo modificações conforme necessário. Através destes desafios de engenharia, os alunos recebem a oportunidade única de aplicar colaborativamente vários conceitos acadêmicos através de aplicações práticas


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Las escuelas secundarias de Framingham ofrecen oportunidades para experiencias de aprendizaje interdisciplinarias donde los estudiantes pueden aplicar y reforzar las matemáticas, ciencias, alfabetización informática y otras habilidades especializadas a través del uso de aplicaciones basadas en la tecnología. En los grados sexto a octavo, los estudiantes se enfocan en preguntas de ingeniería y soluciones tecnológicas que enfatizan la investigación y la resolución de problemas. Los estudiantes desarrollan habilidades en  el diseño de ingeniería aprendiendo a conceptualizar un problema, diseñar, construir y probar prototipos, haciendo las modificaciones que sean necesarias. A través de estos desafíos de ingeniería, los estudiantes tienen la oportunidad única de aplicar conceptos académicos en colaboración numerosos a través de prácticas aplicaciones.





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Les écoles intermédiaires de Framingham offrent des possibilités d'expériences d'apprentissage interdisciplinaires où les élèves peuvent appliquer et renforcer les notions fondamentales de mathématiques, de sciences, d'informatique et d'autres compétences spécialisées grâce à des applications technologiques. De la sixième à la huitième année, les élèves poursuivent des questions d'ingénierie et des solutions technologiques qui mettent l'accent sur la recherche et la résolution de problèmes. Les étudiants développent des compétences en conception technique en apprenant à conceptualiser un problème, à concevoir, à construire et à tester des prototypes, en apportant les modifications nécessaires. Grâce à ces défis d'ingénierie, les étudiants ont la possibilité unique d'appliquer en collaboration de nombreux concepts académiques à travers des applications pratiques.


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