Walsh Middle School

Trimester 2 has started ...
If your student did not receive at least an A- for a Trimester 1 grade feel free to contact me so we can work together to create a plan for improvement.


Note the change ...
Tuesday April 3rd is "MIOS" = Music In Our Schools !!
This is an annual concert that takes place at Framingham High School
The concert will begin at 7:00 PM and will feature the Cameron, Fuller,
and Walsh Middle School Jazz Bands along with the FHS Jazz Band. Refreshments will be sold. Please make plans to attend and support
music in our schools!

April is "JAM"
National Jazz Appreciation Month

All members of the Walsh Wildcat Jazz Band should visit the Jazz Band page
 ... located in the left Navigation column.


The Annual Walsh Spring Concert
Thursday, May 31st, @ 6:30 PM
Walsh Auditorium
This performance is open to the public!!...Parents, Relatives, friends, etc ... ALL are invited!!

featuring ... the Walsh 6th, 7th, 8th Concert Bands
& The Walsh Wildcat Jazz Band

Students should arrive by 6:00 to warm-up...
Students should wear "concert dress"
Concert Dress= Black on bottom & White on top...NO JEANS & NO FLIP FLOPS!

Attendance is mandatory


Important to remember ...

Students are expected to practice a minimum of 5-10 min./day!

In order to receive credit for class, students are expected to come to class prepared.

This means instrument (in working order) and music.


Good to Know ...

Staying after school to practice for 10-15 min. earns extra points towards your grade !!


The following is a copy of the 2016-17 Walsh Band contract...


 2017-2018 Walsh Middle School Band Program  

Mr. John Dassoni, Director



Students must report to class ON TIME with all necessary materials.  Daily materials include instrument and folder. 

Students must sit in assigned section with instrument and music.  There is positively NO GUM CHEWING. 

Students will demonstrate Walsh Middle School Core Values.



All instruments must be in working order at the start of every rehearsal.  This includes having at replacement reeds, extra set of strings, and having valves and slides oiled before class.  Students must label their instrument case and folder with their name and homeroom.  Drummers should label their drum and sticks. Instruments should be placed in the band closet before homeroom, and can be picked up after school.



All instrumental students are required to practice and can improve their grade by doing so!

5-10 minutes per day is strongly suggested.

Students are expected to practice over the weekends and vacations


Private lessons outside of school are strongly suggested for all!

Students who do take private lessons will receive extra credit towards their grade.

(No one is penalized for not taking private lessons.)



In addition to the required practicing students must do the following to receive an “A” grade:

  • Attend both evening concerts: Jan. 18, 2018  & May 31, 2018

  • Come to every rehearsal with a working instrument and folder.       

  • Pass various playing and written quizzes throughout the year.

  • Take instrument home to practice or practice after school in the band room.



Concert dress is defined as black on the bottom and white on top

No jeans, shorts, cutoffs, t-shirts, flip flops…

Dress with Walsh Pride!



Jazz Band is an after school club that is open to grades 6-8 students and meets on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:45.

There are no auditions! All are welcome!

Participants earn extra credit toward their band grade.



Junior Eastern District auditions are open to all 7th and 8th grade students.  They are held in late January each year.  Students must prepare scales and an assigned solo.  Private lessons outside of school are usually necessary.  See Mr. Dassoni to sign up.



If you have any questions or concerns about band feel free to contact me at: jdassoni@framingham.k12.ma.us




I have read the above information.




Student Name (print)




Parent/Guardian signature



Congratulations! to the 2016-2017 winners
of the
Walsh Band Award for Outstanding Musician

Eyal Sharon - Trumpet
Nikita Bhatnager - Clarinet
Christian Palencia - Clarinet
Well Done!!


Heads up !!

Deadline for MMEA Eastern Jr. District sign ups is January 19,2018
The auditions will take place January 27th 2018
Framingham's time 1:30 @ Needham High School
See Mr. Dassoni for questions and info ...

 Andrew Tucker 8th Grade - Clarinet
Claire Nelson-Peterman 7th  Grade - Trombone
Participating in the 2018 MMEA Eastern Jr. District Festival Auditions
Congratulations Andrew and Claire ... Well Done!




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