Welcome to the Walsh Middle School Health

Class Participation includes:
-Contributing to class discussions
-Asking questions when information is not fully understood
-Actively working on assignments when given during class
-Actively contributing during small and large group work
-Taking notes when appropriate
-Aiding other students in the learning process

Class Work:
Class work is work provided during class that allows creative ways to review and build upon unit concepts while having the opportunity to ask questions and get clarity pertaining to the material being covered. Assignments are completed individually, in small groups, or in large groups. Class work is also a way for students to demonstrate that they are on-task and can think "outside the box" about the subject.

Project Work:
There will be on major project assigned this year and will be related to one of the grade level units. There will be a clear rubric given, and student will be required to work on this on their own time.

Good behavior is mandatory in class to ensure that the learning environment is as positive as possible. The school's core values outline appropriate conduct in the classroom. Preparation demonstrates a students ability to fulfill the basic expectations in class, giving the student the optimal situation learn successfully. Examples of preparation are bringing all relevant class handouts to every class. Possessing a folder in which to store these documents to avoid losing materials,. Being equipped with a pen or pencil and having an assignment notebook to keep track of assignment due dates and class unit agenda.

***If you should have any questions about grading, curriculum, expectations, etc.... please don't hesitate to contact your child's Health teacher.

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