The school year ahead - 2019-20 - is sure to be filled with lots of activity in Physical Education class so be ready by having:
  • sneakers that are good for playing soccer, flag football, running, etc. and socks or peds to wear to prevent blisters. Basketball sneakers will be later in the year. We will expect you to be ready to move and run, etc. when in PE class. Sneakers should stay on your feet. laced sneakers = generally the best.  
  • *If you have old sneakers that are still good and fit, save them to have in your academic locker for the year -just in case you forget one day. OR donate them to the PE sneaker closet for others to use. 
            If you come to PE with inappropriate footwear (sandals, flip flops, boots, boat shoes), you have the option to borrow sneakers from the sneaker closet (we also have socks) and continue to participate in PE class with a small reduction of preparation credit.
            If you come to PE with inappropriate footwear (sandals, flip flops, boots, boat shoes) and you choose NOT to borrow loaner sneakers, you lose preparation credit and participation credit because you will NOT be able to participate in PE class with inappropriate footwear. SO BE PREPARED WITH YOUR SNEAKERS.
  • shorts (a few pair) that are suitable for movement in sports - they move with you, stay up on your waist (don't slip down when you're running), are long enough so you are covered acceptably for school OR other pants - leggings, sweat pants, wind pants - that allow you to move freely as you play. 
  • t-shirt(s) for PE and school - you might as well have a few T-shirts b/c you will need them for PE and can wear them for regular school days. You can wear other shirts as long as you are covered appropriately meeting school expectations. (Please no showing of cleavage, belly, butts, bra straps.)
If you come to PE with inappropriate clothing (long jeans, cargo pants, skirt, romper, low cut shirt, camisole, or other inappropriate for PE clothing) you lose preparation  credit because you are not prepared with PE appropriate clothing. Some clothing - skirt or other items - is NOT GOOD for PE activity. SO BE PREPARED WITH YOUR GYM CLOTHES.
  • sweatshirt or jacket as the days get cooler b/c we will go outside for most days of the fall season. Our outside fields are great areas to play. 
When there are two classes in the gym, the PE book shelves get very busy and full of books -so label your items to help keep your stuff from getting mixed up with other people's stuff.

Questions? Email me: kdauer@framingham.k12.ma.us


    O = OWNERSHIP                     
***** GO PRO IN PE *****

We work on exercises - push-ups, curl-ups, some stretching, and information on class procedures. 

Hi families:
There are SEVERAL WAYS TO DONATE TO CAMERON Physical Education Department.
1. GIVE US ITEMS YOU DO NOT WANT OR NEED ANYMORE (good sports equipment- soccer balls, basketballs, gently worn sneakers (for other students) and NEW ITEMS: soccer balls, basketballs, facial tissue, hand sanitizer, hair elastics, etc.
3. RUN THE GAUNTLET -IT'S A FUN FUNDRAISER for the school on Sunday, October 6th.

Donations to the Cameron Physical Education Dept are always welcome. 

Donations to the Cameron Recess Equipment Bags are also always welcome! The recess equipment always needs Four Square balls, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls. Ms. Melick will be sending out requests for the recess ball bag requests. When you donate, you can specify to have the items go to your student's recess bag. Just label it on the bag when you send in the balls, etc. 

  Items can be dropped off in the Cameron Main office labeled for the PE Dept. or items can be brought to the gym.
  • Balls: soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs, basketballs, tennis balls, four square balls
  • petekas from Brazil- we cannot buy them as easily here in the USA.  We welcome more petekas!
  • Other types of sports equipment: jump ropes, Frisbees, scooters, table tennis paddles and balls. contact me (kdauer@framingham.K12.ma.us ) and let me know what you have to donate. I will get back to you if we can use it.   
  • Sneakers new or used will add to our sneaker closet supply
  • Shorts, sweatpants, socks, peds - gently used or new OK.  unmatched socks/peds are OK.
  • T-shirts of all sizes
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • hair elastics (new)

From here down is still in the works: summer work to do. Please patiently await my changes. 
Last Year 2018:
The last unit of last school year was basketball. In each class, students participated in the Pacer Test -the spring cardio assessment- and then will play basketball 3v3 games or other basketball format games. The Cameron 3v3 basketball tourneys are coming.
We will have next year's tourney in June 2019. So as you meet your new Cameron classmates- size them up - find out if htey like to play bball.
Grade 6 3v3 bball tourney was Friday, June 8th, 8:22-12:12  Congratulations to all participants!
Grade 8 3v3 bball tourney was Monday, June 11th, 8:22-12:12 Congratulations to all participants!
Grade 7 3v3 bball tourney was Tuesday, June 12th, 8:22-12:12 Congratulations to all participants!

Grade 8 tourney results
Boys grade 8
1st place: Celtics: Nick Bell, Scooter Beverly, Zach Semakula, Niko Tsiantoulas
2nd place:  Warriors: Kevin Assarian, Jason Assarian, Andy Lopez
3rd place: Hawks: Nick Spring, Noah Pearlman, David Maude, Nate Thurber
4th place: Lakers: Mason Moy, Sanjay Karikal, Jacques Cazeau
Congratulations to all participants!
Girls grade 8
1st place: Storm: Sydney Anderson, Laysa Mourao, Kylie Chagnon
2nd place: Fever: Gabi Tavares, Layza Coelho, Ashlyn Ham, Alyssa Cruz
3rd place: Stars: Sarah Oliveira, Sarah Evangelista, Julye DeSouza, Liredi Santa Rosa
4th place: Sky: Maria Panta, Ava Sullivan, Emma Rothwell
Congratulations to all participants!

Grade 7 tourney results: 
Boys grade 7
1st place: Michigan St: Marcus Villafane, Jeremiah Miller, Nick Price 
2nd place: Bryan Bueno, Bryann Almeida, Nick Pereira 
3rd place: Fernando Lima, Isaiah Roach, Alec Rodriguez, Pedro Mantesso
4th place: Raphael Silva, Nathan Duarte, Denilson DaSilva.  
Congratulations to all participants!

Girls grade 7
1st place:Team Framingham: Alana Stone, Caroline Donovan, Lucy Keane, Maria Oliveira
2nd place: Team Wellesley: Livia Godoy, Gaby Dias, Gabi Viana
3rd place: Team Hudson: Caroline Maude, Eleanor Lynch, Evellyn Reis, Nicole Laia
4th place: Team Milford: Maggie Spring, Gabi Peli, Michelle Martins, Rayassa Oliveira 
Congratulations to all participants!

Grade 6 tourney results: 
Boys grade 6
1st place: Team Natick: Robert Mitchell, Yeandial Cora, Malik Duran, Victor Schimmelphennig, and Will Da Silva
2nd place: Team Littleton: Jojo Alves, Kayo Martuchelli-Pereira, Yoscar Riveira, and Rafael Santiago
3rd place:Team Newton: Gus Dos Santos, Miguel De Oliveira, Anthony Venezia, Doug Stone. 
4th place: Team Dorchester: Daniel Bueno, Darvin Lino, Anthony Frois, Lucas Messer.  
Congratulations to all participants!

Girls grade 6
1st place:Team Framingham: Alana Stone, Caroline Donovan, Lucy Keane, Maria Oliveira
2nd place: Team Wellesley: Livia Godoy, Gaby Dias, Gabi Viana
3rd place: Team Hudson: Caroline Maude, Eleanor Lynch, Evellyn Reis, Nicole Laia
4th place: Team Milford: Maggie Spring, Gabi Peli, Michelle Martins, Rayassa Oliveira 
Congratulations to all participants!


Questions? Call the school or email:  kdauer@framingham.k12.ma.us 

The PE Dept hosted a Volleyball Tournament for the 8th grade students who earned enough Gold ticket Cameron Cash (CC) to buy access into the tourney. The reward tourney was open to all Cameron 8th graders who earned CC and have good behavior in school.
The gold CC was handed out by all Cameron teachers and staff. By the end of Monday, March 19th, all students interested submitted their CC for entry to the tourney. The top 48 earners got access to the tourney. The teams were picked randomly by Mr. Kelberman. The teams were posted by the end of the day on Tues, March 20th. The tourney was THURS, March 22 12:15-1:34. (lit lab and D block). The tourney was great! Students played with eagerness and great sportsmanship. There were 48 students allowed to enter the tourney.  

The Champion team: Layssa Sobral Santos, Julio Hernandez, Luis Marrero, David Maude, and Jason Simon.

2nd place team: Natalie Allekian, Alyssa Cruz, Mauricio DoCarmo, Jon D'Orazio, Matt Lyons, and Laysa Mourao.

Other teams in the tourney:
  • Julio Carmo, Ashlyn Hamm, Luis LIma, Max Moskalenko, Sarah Oliveira, Mayara Valadares
  • Amanda Batista, Madi Curet, Bruno Kajiwara, Shand Seiffert, Ava Sullivan, Niko Tsiantoulas
  • Sanaah Pierre-Pierre, Mike Carvalho, Gabe Felipe, David Foley, Lavinya Ramos, Kevin Silva
  • Kylie Chagnon, Christiano Da Silva, Jake Donahue, Sanjay Karikal, Noah Pearlman, Liredi Santa Rosa
  • Pedro De Souza, Quincy Miller, Mariana Nascimento, Julian Orellana-Vega, Laysa Tratz, Roberto Viana
  • Scott Beverly, Naidelly Coelho, Lorraine Ferreira-Souza, Mike Hidalgo, Gabe Magalhaes
Congrats to all who got into the tourney. Your good behavior and effort earned you access to the tourney. 

              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Previous website info:

Welcome to all Cameron students and families for an exciting and active year ahead. 

Physical Education class meets 1 or 2 times per 6 day cycle. The schedule is different than elementary school because of the rotation of days. Please try to look at your schedule (your student's schedule) to figure out the PE days so that you have sneakers and gym wear. 

A common suggestion that students find agreeable - keep sneakers, socks, shorts, t-shirt in your academic locker in a small tote/gym bag so you're always ready. Do this and you will always be prepared. And do not loan these out to others because then you will not be ready. During the school day, bring your gym bag/sneakers/ etc. with you to your classes that you have just before PE so you come prepared. Going back to get your stuff wastes valuable PE time. Come prepared and on time. 

Experience in sports and fitness is not needed to succeed in PE. Come prepared, be willing to participate to the best of your abilities, listen to directions, follow directions, demonstrate sportsmanship, persevere, be respectful, and when you mess up - which we all do - own it. 

Looking forward to a great year in Physical Education! 

Email me if you have questions or need some direction about fitness plans or suggestions. kdauer@framingham.k12.ma.us Explore my website for other details. 


The FITNESSGRAM Reports were emailed to you during the end of the 2016-17 school year. Hopefully you received your copy and can open it.  

For the first time- this year Mr. Kelberman and I have worked with a new on-line FITNESSGRAM program. Thus we were able to enter the data - that you worked on in Physical Education class - in a new method and send you a electronic copy through email.  If you would help out, look it over and reply to us by sending me an email that you received your FITNESSGRAM and that you were able to read it. Let us know what you think about it. Primarily, let us know that you could open it and read it. Thanks.  And keep working on your push-ups and sit-ups during the summer. As I said above, if you want help with a fitness plan, email me with questions and I will reply.  kdauer@framingham.k12.ma.us  


Congratulations to all participants in the Cameron 3v3 Basketball Tourney. 

The winners are listed below:

Grade 8 Boys Champions
Jamar Williams
Vinny Lassiter 
Jordan Kasongo
Adam Gomes

2nd Place 
Robert Viele
Dante Marino
Keion Mitchell
Andrew Allekian

Grade 8 Girls Champions
Jordan Powers
Emma Kirkpatrick
Jen Camuso
Hannah Laskosky

2nd Place 
Zamya Furtado
Ashley Lemus
Emmaline Ocain
Jazmyn Blackwell
Grade 7 Boys Champions
Scooter Beverly
Zach Semakula
Nick Bell
Niko Tsiantoulas
2nd Place
Andy Lopez
Luis Marrero
Mario Lopez

Grade 7 Girls Champions
Priscilla Mota
Isadora Fialho
Layza Coelho
Alyssa Cruz

2nd Place
Natalie Allekian
Ashlyn Ham
Laysa Mourao
Quincy Miller
Rachel Arena (on medical = coach)
Grade 6 Boys Champions:
Team Florida
Jeremiah Miller
Marcus Villafane
Nate KIng
Jasen Jean-Louis

2nd place Boys
Team Dorchester
Steven Batista
Bryann Almeida
Bryan Bueno 
Nick Nogueira

Grade 6 Girls Champions:
Team Brookline
Sophia Scalzi
Natalie Kirkpatrick
Lilly Vermilya
Ali Jones

2nd Place Girls
Team Marlborough
Lily Swallow
Giana Patruno
Jane Faulk
Julia Matz


Grade 6 Boys and Grade 6 Girls Tourneys took place on Wednesday, June 7th 8:22-12:12 - yes during the school day. 

Grade 8 Boys and Grade 8 Girls Tourneys took place on Thursday, June 8th 8:22-12:12 - yes during the school day.

Grade 7 Boys and Grade 7 Girls Tourneys took place on Friday, June 9th 8:22-12:12 - yes during the school day.  

Information on the tourneys:
The tourneys are free, Cameron students make up their own teams of students in their grade (teams of 4 are suggested play 3 with a sub rotating in every 2 points - or 2 minutes of play.  
Students do have to meet an eligibility standard with their teachers re: grades, homework, and behavior in school. Also Cameron library books have to be returned or paid for in order to play. 
Games are winner at the end of 10 minutes or first team to 7 points. 
Tourney is double elimination. So teams keep playing until they lose 2x. Then they are knocked out.  

FYI: Students can wear gym clothes to and from PE class - you do not have to change into gym wear- yet some students like to bring another shirt to wear so that they do not have to go through the rest of the day in a sweaty shirt. You may carry a small backpack or tote with your gym clothes/sneakers. We have locker rooms for changing. We allow 3 minutes for changing clothes. 

When you come to the gym, please place your books/binder on the bookshelves in the gym entrance. At home, label your books, binders, notebooks, agendas (on the front and back) so that they do not get mixed up with others' items. Binders, books, and folders look similar -so labeling really helps. Label your sweatshirt on the inside label - this helps when sweatshirts get left in the gym or anywhere in the school. 

Questions?  Please feel free to ask me in class, email kdauer@framingham.k12.us , call the Cameron main office (508-879-2290) or leave me a message on my Cameron voice mail (508-782-7875). 

Check the other sections of this webpage for details about Intramurals= After School Sports. 

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