Mr. Briggs
Walsh Middle School
Current Topics

6th Grade- Structure and Function
What are cells, and what are the parts of the cell that work together to keep the cell alive?

Objective- Students will be able to model the functions of the organelles by comparing them to the parts of a different object (school, city, castle) that have the same functions.

7th Grade- Systems and Cycles
 How has the Earth's surface changed over time?
Objective- Students will be able to explain how Earth's surface has changed over scales that range from local to global in size. 

8th Grade- Physical Science
What causes plate tectonics?

Objective- Students will be able to identify convection in the mantle as the cause of the drifting contintents, and the spreading seafloor.


6th Grade
Assignment                       Due Date
What are Cells?...2/11
What are the main cell parts?...2/13
What are the other cell parts?...2/14

7th Grade 
Assignment               Due Date 
Mechanical and Chemical weathering...2/7
What are the effects of plate tectonics?   2/13
What are earthquakes?...2/27
How do earthquakes cause damage?...3/5
What are the different kinds of seismic waves?...3/11

8th Grade 
Assignment                  Due Date
What are velocity and acceleration?...1/29
What are the tides?...2/12
What is plate tectonics?...2/26
What causes plate tectonics?...3/5

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