Mr. Briggs
LLD Science
Walsh Middle School
Current Topics

6th Grade- Structure and Function
How is the Earth-Moon-Sun system a part of a galaxy, and the universe?

Objective- Students will develop and use a model of the solar system to show the relative sizes and distances between the objects in our solar system.

7th Grade- Systems and Cycles
 What causes mountains to form and earthquakes to happen?
Objective- Students will construct an explanation based on evidence for how Earth's surface has changed over scales that range from local to global in scale. 

8th Grade- Physical Science
What are forces?

Objective- Students will be able to identify what forces do to objects and how they cause objects to move.


6th Grade
Assignment                       Due Date
What is the Solar System?...3/26
The Planets...3/28
What are galaxies?...4/4
What is the universe?...4.29

7th Grade 
Assignment               Due Date 
What are earthquakes?...2/27
What are the different kinds of seismic waves?...3/5
How do earthquakes cause damage?...3/13
What is the ring of fire?...3/29
What is kinetic energy?...5/1
What is an electric charge?...5/10

8th Grade 
Assignment                  Due Date
What is a chemical formula?...3/8
What is a chemical reaction?...3/14
What is a chemical equation?...3/21
What is a force?...4/8
Forces in nature...4/9
What is gravity?...5/2
What is friction?...5/8

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