This site was put together to help facilitate BuuF icon requests for use in the ADW.BuuF.Theme 
for ADW Launcher version 1.3+ and compatible with Android 1.6+ (Donut). 
ADW.BuuF.Theme  -  YouTube Video Instructional Demo: 

New Version in the Market v.
+ BuuF.Icon.Themes RELEASED!!!
Under the ADW.BuuF.Theme section to the left are the icons to choose from (somewhat sorted).  It may seem like overkill, I know.  
Who cares? I like to look at them all laid out like that sometimes.  Also, a lot of apps means we need a lot of icons. 

To find icons and BuuF up your Android ADW Launcher go here.
Based on icons by Paul Davey aka Mattahan. All rights reserved.
For those of you who are not that familiar with the BuuF icon set:
Created by Paul Davey aka mattahan @
By far my favorite graphical addition to any OS and the sickest icon set EVER!

So please, before asking if you can donate for my time putting together a measly theme, 
consider donating to the two groups who really made this possible. Thanks :0
Cheers to the unbeatable ADW.Launcher and unmatched artwork of mattahan!

Paul DaveyTwitter @mattahan Homepage  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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AnderWeb wouldn't mind if you beefed up your ADW.Launcher along with supporting him by buying his themes. 
Search the market and buy them. Scan the barcode below to see his available themes for purchase.
Twitter @fractalsystems 
Code (Ideas and projects to be)
Homepage: (up and down ATM) 
My PayPal: 

Some Philosophy:
One up for The Android Project, Google, Linux, and chip and board manufacturers! Without them we would be a feeble force going nowhere fast.
Because of people who enjoy building and sharing and making things better, we all benefit from having such a magnificent system in place; we 
can always make it better. 
I have always been a leach, sucking the Internet for all it can give me: learning how to setup servers and compile kernels; how to setup databases; 
run websites and services across the Internet; program websites; build Google Services into everything I do to help me do the things I want to do. 
I have, for too long, been working on my own things and for my jobs. And now, I want to start to give back to the community. Linux communities, 
many opensource projects (all the core fundamentals of course), but also Gimp, Inkscape, Ubuntu, everything about Google, The Android Project, 
AnderWebs, CyanogenMod crew, Artists, all the creative and generous people who have made it easy for people to participate and learn - Thank you!