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At West Woods
Students learn to comprehend and to communicate in French or Spanish.

Students develop an appreciation of different cultures through the language they choose to study.

Students use their natural curiosity about how to communicate in another language through inquiry and personalized goals.

Students learn in sequential stages, which continue at the Middle School and High School, in order to meet the graduation requirement.

Help your child succeed at world language learning by:

  • checking homework completion
  • using  flashcards and games to quiz your child     before assessments.
  • asking your child what he or she is learning in class.
  • encouraging your child to use the language as much as possible.

Farmington World Languages Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs.

Our Vision

Graduates of Farmington High School achieve a level of communicative proficiency that allows them to interact effectively with others who do not speak English. As a result of their participation in the Farmington World Language program, the lives of our graduates are enriched both personally and professionally by allowing them to form meaningful relationships and to collaborate with people throughout a global society.

Our Mission

The mission of the Farmington World Language Program is for students to communicate in another language, understand and appreciate cultural differences, and participate in and contribute to a global society. Students understand how language learning can benefit their personal and professional life.

 Our Core Beliefs

  • All students should become proficient in more than one language.
  • All students should become inter-culturally competent in order to participate in, and contribute to, a global society.
  • Students’ lives are enriched because the study of the language allows them to form meaningful relationships with people throughout the world.