Welcome to Team D!


"Dare to be Different!"
~ Team D motto 

Our goal is to support all students in attaining their goals and reaching towards the Farmington Vision of the Graduate. Along the way, we strive to make positive connections and prepare students for the important transition to high school.

Any questions or concerns please contact your child's homeroom teacher or Team D leader, Ms. Becker at BeckerS@fpsct.org.

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Team D Classrooms...

If you visit Team D, here is what you'll see students working on...

In Spanish and in French, students are organizing trips to Spanish speaking or Francophone countries. They are researching flights, hotels, activities, highlights, and souvenirs they can buy in those countries.  

In Math classes, Pre-Algebra and Algebra students are studying functions and will soon move into learning the Pythagorean Theorem and plane figures; students are studying transformations and will soon move into coordinate geometry and learning the Pythagorean Theorem.

In Social Studies classes, students will continue their work on Project Paideia 2.0 (see email updates for more information). We have already begun working on developing a public product that addresses our big question, How can I inform a public audience about events and developments that influenced my community's history? When students are not working on their Paideia Public Product, they will be learning about the structure and function of our federal government.  The second half of the year in Social Studies will also focus on improving argument writing skills.  

In Language Arts classes, students are beginning the Coming of Age unit and they will have the option of creating their own learning plan for this unit.

In Science class, students are beginning their unit on Human Body Systems. Throughout this unit, students will focus on the essential question: "How do body systems work together to maintain the body's balance?". We will study each individual body system throughout trimester 2 while linking our learning to student's choice of health issue to research.

Team D Teachers 2015-16:

Ms. Becker- Team Leader and Science BeckerS@fpsct.org

Ms. Bettega - Spanish/French Bettegas@fpsct.org

Mr. Casarella - Social Studies Casarellan@fpsct.org

Mrs. Frascadore- Language Arts Frascadoreb@fpsct.org

Mrs. Lewis - Reading/Language Arts Lewisd@fpsct.org

Mr. McNamara- Math McNamaraj@fpsct.org

Ms. Narvesen- Math Narvesenj@fpsct.org

Ms. Praven - Special Education/Social Studies Pravenb@fpsct.org

Mrs. Ramirez- Counselor Ramirezl@fpsct.org