Need information about the Sixth Grade Curriculum Fair? This is the place.  As the deadlines approach, more information will be posted.  Should you have any questions at any time, please see your mentor.

Thursday, MARCH 15


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Sixth Grade Curriculum Fair

“Stepping into Service”

Documentaries on Community Service


- Learn about a service organization
- Practice interviewing skills
- Participate in an event or initiate involvement in the organization
- Persuade peers to become involved in this organization
- Use technology


Each group will produce a DOCUMENTARY.  The DOCUMENTARY will have several facets including:
  • Research of the organization (emphasize the local chapter if possible)
    • When and why was the organization founded?
    • What does this organization do for the community?
    • Are there regional or nation chapters of the organization?
    • How does someone get involved?
    • Why should someone join this club?
    • Are there special events that this organization runs for the community?
  • An interview with a member(s)
    • Contact the organization to interview a member
    • Ask the member relevant questions about his or her involvement in the organization
  • Participation in an event sponsored by that group
    • Document your group’s participation of the event
    • Interview each other about your experience


  • Propose an event for this organization to use in the future
    • Why should the organization run this event?
    • Will it be a fundraiser? How?
    • Will it raise awareness? How?
    • Can it be done in town?
    • Can Ridgedale Middle School get involved? How?

  • Groups should be no more than 6 students to be approved by the sixth grade team.
  • Students will divide the work load to ensure responsibility of each member.  Each aspect of the documentary will be “chaired” by two people who will be ultimately in charge of that aspect.  However, the production of the documentary will be a group effort.
  • Groups will be given deadlines to complete aspects of the project.
  • Time will be given in school to work on the assemblage of the documentary, which means that by the date of the “work session” the group must have work completed so that they can begin creating the documentary.