Math in Focus (K - 4)

Welcome to Math in Focus

We are very excited for the implementation of the new mathematics series for K-4, Math in Focus.  The first of the series of parent workshops was held on May 29, 2014.  Math in Focus provides an authentic Singapore math curriculum—highlighting problem solving as the focus of mathematical learning. This complete program teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences, supported by seamless integration of technology with the use of eBooks, Interactive Whiteboard activities, online student activities, online manipulatives, and a bar modeling app.

Math in Focus in the classroom
  • Supports the goals of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
  • Research-based pedagogy focuses on classroom learning, discussion, and practice
  • Balances conceptual understanding, visual learning, and problem solving
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    Resources for Parents
    Math in Focus has a website that will inform you on the resources available for parents.  At the bottom of the page you will see sample instructional videos on topics the students will be covering.  The Classroom Connect website will be open for the parents in September.   Parent Resources with Math in Focus  

    If you missed the Parent University
    If you missed the Parent University on May 29th, please click on the sidebar link titled "Parent Workshops".  This will provide you with the powerpoint presentation and information from the workshop.

    Implementation Plan
    In order to see the implementation plan, click on the side toolbar titled, "Implementation Plan".