Talent Development Services at Fox Point Bayside

Welcome to the Fox Point Bayside's Talent Development site.

Here you will find information about our Talent Development Services, including the Levels of Service Model, identification criteria, and curricular and extracurricular extension opportunities.  

Our Mission:

The Fox Point Bayside School District’s Talent Development Services strives to recognize and support the growth of students who have demonstrated their capabilities in areas ranging from academic, intellectual, creative, and/or leadership transcend the universal curriculum.   

Our Goals:

  • Use multiple criteria to identify students whose academic, intellectual, creative and/or leadership capabilities transcend the regular curriculum.

  • Support the implementation of differentiated instruction to challenge students and help them optimize their potential.

  • Sustain a nurturing environment that supports the social and emotional growth and unique needs of students whose capabilities transcend the universal curriculum.

  • Provide professional development opportunities that foster increased ability to recognize and support the needs of students whose capabilities transcend the regular curriculum.

  • Communicate effectively with staff, students, and parent(s)/guardian(s) regarding student participation in gifted and talent development services.

Please take a look around and contact us if you have any questions.  

Patty Stark: (414) 247-4116 or pstark@foxbay.org
Kris Lockhart: (414) 247-4233 or klockhart@foxbay.org