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Measure J Construction Projects Update


2016 FUSD Facilities Bond1 – Updated Project List2

Phase I    Estimated cost - $3 million

  • All-Weather Track Resurfacing

  • Painting of Sutter Middle School and Fowler High School

  • Malaga Elementary School Parking Lot Construction

  • New FHS Pool Construction      

Projects listed above are completed or currently under construction

Phase II          Estimated cost - $11 million

  • Modernize playground equipment at Malaga, Marshall, and Fremont         

  • Widening of Walter Avenue (between Sutter/FHS to Temperance Avenue)         

  • CTE / Ag Farm Refurbishment/ Upgrade - with CTE Classrooms/Labs

  • New Bus Transportation/Grounds/Maintenance/ Operations facility         

Estimated construction timeline – Summer 2018 – Spring 2021

Phase III              Estimated cost - $11 million

  • New Band/Performing Arts/Event Center/ Multi-Purpose facility – FHS       

(Including parking)

  • Electrical/Lighting/Plumbing/Roofing/Refurbishment-Repairs – All Sites         

Estimated start of construction – 2021/2022

Phase IV    Estimated cost - $7 million

  • Modernization of Classrooms/Labs (Malaga, Fremont, Marshall, Sutter, FHS)3         

  • Technology/Equipment/Infrastructure Upgrades/ Additions – All Sites         

  • Additional Solar Units         

Estimated start of construction – 2023/2024

Phase V           

  • Supplement New Elementary School Construction Costs (If needed)4

Estimated start of construction – TBD

1 = Funding for projects are not guaranteed beyond the local revenues generated by the bond measure. Completion of some projects depend also upon state and federal participation/ funds not within the control of the school district

2 =The list is not exhaustive, but illustrative, of some of the projects being considered

3 = If state funding is available

4 = If state funding available and/or growth at elementary (grades TK-5) schools makes District eligible for state funding and enrollment capacity at each school site is reached during the next 4-8 years

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