Dear Class of 2017,

Our Redcat Family, the last generation of  high school students born in the 20th century. Yes, all classes are special, but I have shared with you that I have a special place in my heart for this class of 2017. You have truly set the example of what it means to be a Redcat, through your academic achievements,  your athletic accomplishments, your extracurricular activities and community service. I have jokingly said to you several times this year, To Infinity and Beyond, but class of 2017, you have that special quality to go to infinity and beyond. Go catch your dreams, These communities of Fowler and Malaga have given you a strong foundation, but it is time for you to fly. As you go out into college, the military, or the world of work, always remember that you represent us all, and you will always be Forever Redcats. Carry yourselves in the true Redcat Way.  Continue to help others, continue to serve your new communities, continue your academic success. I want you to surround yourself with other dreamers and the doers like you, other believers and thinkers like you,  but most of all surround yourself with those that see the greatness within you, just like we see the greatness within you.  So yes, class of 2017, To Infinity and Beyond, I know you will continue to make us all proud. And for one final time ... Go Redcats!

Mr. Romero