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Spanish 1 is the first introduction many students have to Spanish and so they learn to speak in the present tense, write clear and simple sentences using a variety of verbs and connect their thoughts when they write. It is the first time they are exposed to an immersion classroom and so the first few weeks of the year are spent introducing students to tools, supports and key phrases to ask questions and to begin to create a learning environment of immersion. In terms of reading, students digest poems, comic strips, songs, short dialogues and stories using cognates and context as supports.  Additionally, students listen to and respond to simple questions in the present tense as they explore visual art, music, foods and sports as tools to use to learn about communities of Spanish speakers in this country (the US and Puerto Rico) and in Mexico. Finally, students demonstrate understanding of traditions by comparing them to their own and can draw connection to other subject areas based on information gathered in Spanish.

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