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Twenty seven years ago I began to plant a small vineyard with the intention of making wine for Shabbos and Yom Tov. I had been making my own kiddush wine for years and the site of the vineyard, where I live, was promising. The Santa Cruz Mountain wine growing region of California, though small, has long been known for its quality wines. The vineyard is situated on a south-facing slope surrounded by oak and redwood forest looking down the valley to the Pacific Ocean. It had been planted with wine grapes in the 1880s, but the original vines were pulled up during prohibition.

Four Gates is perhaps the smallest kosher winery in the country. I grow Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc on 3.5 acres. The grapes are certified organic by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). In addition, the vines are not irrigated, so the small yields are quite flavorful. I do nearly all the work of the vineyard myself, except the harvest, which is sometimes a very sweet community event. Also, the wine is estate bottled. This means that one person has overseen the quality of both the growing of the grapes and the making of the wine.

The winery is likewise a one-man operation. Far from being a modern computer-monitored factory, it's more like an old fashioned one-room school house with me teaching all the grades; all the various pieces of equipment and barrels sit around the room like children of different ages waiting for their turn.

The wines themselves benefit from the small scale and individual attention and from the unique qualities of the Santa Cruz Mountain environment. The Chardonnay is a full-bodied white wine aged in French and American oak barrels. It will complement flavorful dishes like roast chicken or baked salmon or Orah's spicy baked tofu. The Merlot is a substantial red wine. It will complement a holiday brisket or a roast.

We sanctify the Sabbath with wine. But only after a process of elevation, from the vineyard to the cellar to the table Friday night, can we recite kiddush over a full cup. During the week we labor in the physical world using our strengths and individual gifts to transform the world into a place of goodness, purpose and delight. It is with this intention that I grow grapes and make wine.


  Dear Friends of Four Gates,
                                                I tried
to extend the availability of the small quantity of wine this year by allocating the number of bottles a person could buy.  But, nevertheless, I am now out of wine for the year.
         Sometimes there are a few bottles available after everything has been shipped.  If you'd like to be on a list in case anything appears, send me a note.
         If you can think of a better system than 'first come first served' for distributing a small quantity of wine, I would appreciate hearing your suggestions.

Thank you,
     N.B.    If you placed an order and wonder where it is, the cold weather has
       prevented me from even beginning to ship as of 8 March.  I still don't know when
       I will be able to begin.  This raises the possibility that some orders may not arrive
       by Passover.   I will do what I can to make sure this doesn't happen but ultimately
       it is out of my control.
       I'm very grateful for your patience.                                       
    N.B. 2   We are now at March 18 and the shipping situation is not much clearer.
       For most shipments, they will have to go out this week in order to arrive by  
       Pesach.  I just looked at the forecast and its still not clear whether this will be
       If you were planning on pouring some of this Four Gates wine at your seder,
       thank you, but I suggest that you prepare for the possibility that it won't arrive in
       On a happier note, I hear that Four Gates wine ages well.
       Thank you again for your patience.

  N.B. 3    I spoke with UPS and the upshot is that they can't guarantee anything.
       I am checking the national forecast regularly and there are still temperatures
       in the 20s.  I have no wine to replace damaged shipments.  Today is Thursday,
       22 March and I still haven't shipped one box yet!  Waiting 2 1/2 months! 
       I'm very unhappy to report this but it looks like wine won't arrive by
       In all other ways, I hope it is a beautiful Yom Tov for you and yours.
 N.B. 4   Good news!   As of the week of 16 April, it looks like the coast is clear for
       shipping.  It will take several weeks to get through the list so hang on for just
       a little longer.
       Thank you for your patience.

10% discount for 12 bottle case order

    Not Mevushal 
Kosher for Passover

I would be happy to answer your questions about growing grapes or making wine. If you would like to send Four Gates wine as a gift or to order it for yourself, you can reach me at:

(831) 457-2673

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