Spanish Country Resources

Spanish Resources

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World Book Encyclopedia--INFOhio resource -- link available from media center's webpage. You can find reliable web
    links--some to videos that otherwise might be blocked.
    username and password available in student planner

INFOHIO preview resources (Available until March 1, 2013)--username and passwords will be needed
The first time you use these preview sources, you will need to login to
See or e-mail Mrs. Pottkotter or Ms. Backs for the username and password.

World World Data Analyst Online--Information of more than 200 countries with information on geography, people, culture, weather and climate, history, government, maps, flags, facts and figures.  You can create comparison charts with this resource.
                     username: ohionet
                     password: infohio2013

World Geography and Culture Online This resource contains a conversion calculator and currency converter. Contains a world atlas as well as country information: geography, people, culture, weather, history, government, maps, flags. maps (regional, thematic, city, physical feature, and more)
                   Username:  fort503
                   Password:  v l r j i n 
                    (No spaces are needed.  This is just so you can read the letters better. The second
                      letter is a L)

Culture Gram Online  Includes recipes, famous people, graphs, , greetings,  gestures, family, diet, holidays, education, people interviews, and more.  The link takes you to Proquests website. Just click on Culture Grams.Username and password not needed.

World Almanac Online (Facts on File) Look up your country and 
find that country's weblink. Book also available from the media center.
                  Username: ohionetk12
                  Password: infohio2013

INFOBASE e-books--There may be some books on your country. 
         Username: frhs
         Password: students