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Welcome to the sixth grade classroom website. This website will offer additional communication between parents and the school.   It will also provide a variety of assignment supports and online links to educational websites. 


Curriculum is the basic content of what is being taught.  The curriculum specifies the information that each child is expected to learn in a specific subject during the school year.  The curriculum is taught through a combination of classroom instruction and projects. To determine whether children have learned the material and mastered the skills in the curriculum, tests are usually administered. 

Fortine School is a member of the Northwest Montana Curriculum Cooperative. There is an established revision cycle.  Please select the link below to visit their website and review our curriculum.


Parental Information

The upper elementary and middle school years are times of growth, learning, and rapid achievement. During this time period, children will master many new skills, both academic and social.  The following sections provide a collection of links to websites that parents might find  beneficial. 

 Child Development Information

Child Development for 8-10 Year Olds

Child Development for 11-13 Year Olds

Promoting Lifetime Success 

    Organizational Skills/Homework Success

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