About Us

Welcome to the Fort Garry Golf Club 


 The Fort Garry Golf Club is designed for the golfer looking for the social and competitive benefits of an official Golf Club without the monetary and/or time commitment of a full "Country Club" membership.



Our membership consists of both male and female golfers that are involved in golf on a regular basis.  We represent a cross-section of the general population that is more committed to golfing and more affluent than the average non-member golfer, but not yet associated with any specific golf course. 



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 2009-2010 Executive


                          President                  Garry Lang

                          Vice-President         Troy Nakamura

                          Secretary                 Jenica Lang

                          Treasurer                 Matt Pilloud

                          Membership Chair      Lorraine Lang

                          Handicap Chair        Troy Nakamura

                          Tournament Chair       Geoff Lang