A Note from Mrs. Ross

Test Taking Tips

As we enter the month of April students across the Fort Frye Local School District will be getting prepared to take their state assessments. All children in grades 3-6 will be taking these assessments in reading and math, while fifth grade will also be taking science. Here are a few test taking tips to help your child do their absolute best this upcoming month.

·         First, be sure to get enough sleep the night before the test. Their memory recall will be much better if they've had enough rest. In a scientific study, people who got enough sleep before taking a math test did better than those who stayed up all night studying.

·          Listen closely to any instructions. As the teacher hands out the test, be sure they know what's expected of them.

·         Read the test through first. Once they have the test paper in front of them, they should read over the entire test, checking out how long it is and all the parts that they are expected to complete. This will let your child estimate how much time they have for each section and ask the teacher any questions. If something seems unclear before they start, don't panic: they should ask.

·         Focus on addressing each question individually. As your child takes the test, if they don't know an answer, they should not obsess over it. Instead, they should answer the best way they can or skip over the question and come back to it after they’ve answered other questions.

·         Relax. If your child is so nervous that they blank out, they might need a mini-break. Of course they can't get up and move around in the middle of a test, but they can wiggle their  fingers and toes, take four or five deep breaths, or picture themselves on a beach or some other calm place. As we all know, it can be easy to forget things we know well — like a locker combination. The difference is we know we'll remember our locker combination because we've used it hundreds of times, so we don't panic and the combination number eventually comes back. During a test, if they blank out on something and start to get tense, it suddenly becomes much more difficult to remember.

·         Finished already? Although most teachers will let them hand a test in early, it's usually a good idea to spend any extra time checking over their work. They also can add details that they may not have thought they’d have time for. On the other hand, if your child has 5 minutes until the bell rings and they’re still writing, tell them to wind up whatever their working on without panicking.

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