Welcome to the
Forsythe Courtyard Renovation Initiative

The PTSO along with the School Administration, Teachers, and concerned Parents have formed a Commission to undertake the task of renovating the Forsythe Courtyard.  The goal of this initiative is to create what will be a centerpiece for the school as well as serve as an educational space for students of teachers who wish to incorporate elements of nature, and the outdoors, into their class curriculum.

Currently the courtyard is in dire need of basic maintenance and accordingly one of the first actions will be the cleaning and removal of overgrowth from the entire courtyard.  This will give us a fresh start to create the elements the Forsythe Community wants.
The commission recognizes the importance of student input in the planning process and asks every student to identify features that they would like to see incorporated.  A blog is available here to post your suggestions. 
Landscape Design Plan
(version 2)
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Preliminary Landscape Design Plan
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Conceptual Images
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