1st Period (8:05-8:52) - SPEECH
2nd Period (8:56-9:43) - CONFERENCE
3rd Period (9:47-10:34) - SUB/YEARBOOK
ACTIVITY PERIOD (10:34-10:54)
4th Period (10:58-11:45) - BIM
JH LUNCH (11:45-12:15)
5th (HS) Period (11:49-12:36) - BIM
HS LUNCH (12:36-1:06)
6th Period (1:10-1:57) - BIM
7th Period (2:01-2:48) - DIM
8th Period (2:52-3:39) - PRINT TECH/YEARBOOK


I graduated from Roby High school in 1991.  I received my Bachelor's of Science with specialization in Business Composite at Tarleton State University in 1995. This is my 21st year to teach at Forsan High School.  It has been very rewarding. Plus, I work in the best environment EVER with AWESOME friends. It is definitely my home away from home.
I will FOREVER be thankful to Mr. Fishback (and his family) for all they have done for me.  Most of what I know how to do on computers is because of his willingness to teach me his skills.  I know he is looking down from Heaven and keeping watch over us.......nice to know we have our own angel....we miss him very much! 

Spouse- Gary Kirkland (6th and 9th English) It's nice to have him near, gives us time to talk.
Children - Alyssa - Graduated in 2016, Attending South Plains College to major in Nursing
              Andy (17, 12th grade)
              Anson (12, 7th Grade)
Pets - 2 dogs: Bella & Wilby