6th Grade Behavior Policy

Dear Parent (s);

            In an effort to create the best possible academic and positive learning environment, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. West, and Ms. Terry have amended the following Behavior Policy for 6th grade students. It is our joy to be your child’s 6th grade teachers and we are looking forward to a fantastic second half of the year together. We hope that by using this plan, our students will be excited about positive behavior and they will find little use for negative behavior.

Positive Reinforcement Plan

Students will be given opportunities to earn Dixie Dollars. These can be earned in the following ways:

1. Attendance 

2. Making positive contributions to the classroom 

3. Following classroom rules and procedures 

4. Other teacher initiated opportunities 

Students will be given the opportunity to spend their Dixie Dollars every other Friday during recess. Students may purchase items such as food, reward coupons, and other items of interest. Classroom rewards such as movie days, extra recess, and no homework evenings may also be given.

Behavior Modification Plan

It is our desire to transition our 6th grade students to the Jr./Sr. High School with an understanding of the consequences negative behavior creates. With this in mind, we have modified the plan our students will see in their coming years at Dixie Attendance. We look forward to seeing our students become increasingly responsible for their education.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior


1st offense – conference with student and silent lunch

2nd offense – silent lunch and all recess detention

3rd offense – parent contact with student

4th offense – discipline referral


*Failure to turn in homework – Automatic all recess detention where homework assignment must be completed


            The new behavior policy is designed so students will have to take more responsibility for their behavior.  Unlike the previous behavior policy, this will be a weekly discipline log that resets every Monday instead of every day.  Under this policy, students will have multiple chances to correct any misbehavior.  Mrs. Collins, Mrs. West, and Ms. Terry have explained these changes to your student, and we are excited to see your student grow! Please look over this new policy and contact us with any questions or concerns. 







A Few Housekeeping Reminders:

·      Supplies – Part of the Yellow Jacket Way is “Be prepared!”  This means students should bring all needed materials to class homework, binder, notebook, PENCILS, PAPER, etc. 

·      Breakfast – Students are allowed to grab breakfast from the cafeteria and eat in the classroom in the mornings. ONLY breakfast food is allowed in the classroom at this time.  No snack foods, candy, or lunch foods.  Example – NO Takis, chips, Lunchables, etc. Breakfast food only!!

·      Snacks – Snacks are not to be eaten in class.  Snacks can be eaten in the cafeteria or at recess.  The only beverage allowed in class is WATER.

·      Silent Reading – From 7:15 – 7:55 we have morning AR reading EVERY DAY.  This will not change.  Students receive two grades for AR every nine-week period.  Books are provided in the classroom, and students have multiple opportunities every week to go to the library.  There is NO EXCUSE for not reading in the mornings!  


Math & Reading

January 24 - 27


Tuesday, Jan. 10th - Reading

Thursday, Jan. 12th - Language

Tuesday, Jan. 17th - Math

WELCOME to 6th grade Social Studies and Language!!

Meet the Teacher

Hello!! My name is Megan Terry.  I am from Laurel, MS, and this is my first year teaching.  I attended Jones County Junior College before transferring to William Carey University where I graduated with my bachelor's degree in history.  I have a heart for students, and I am super excited to see what this year is going to hold!

In my spare time I love to read, paint, swim, and spend time with my family and friends.  I have two spoiled cats, Lucy and Moustaf and one rotten pup, Nanook.  I love watching soccer!  Manchester United is my team!  #OLDTRAFFORD  I am fond of visiting the mountains, and elephants are my favorite animals.

Now, I have a challenge for you.  Ask your students to tell you three good things that happened to them while at school everyday!  Pump up the positivity!  Let them know that they are going to have a fantastic year!

Email: mterry@forrest.k12.ms.us 

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns!

I am here for your students!!