I am Ms. Abel and I am the speech language pathologist for Dixie Attendance Center.  I have worked for Forrest County School District since January, 2011. Since that time I have worked at South Forrest, North Forrest, Earl Travillion, and Dixie (with South Forrest being my home school).  I am now the full-time speech pathologist at Dixie. 
I am a former teacher for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in Arizona. I taught for 11 years and decided to further my education and returned to Mississippi in 2008.  I received an additional degree in Speech Pathology and then obtained my master's degree in Speech in December 2010.   
Students attending speech at Dixie are from the ages of Pre-K to 8th grade.  Students qualify for speech services if there are any deficits in language or articulation that would hinder participation in the general education classroom.  Some eligible categories which would qualify for speech services would be: 

Weekly activities are based on the individual needs of each child attending speech.  They are based on the Individual Education Plan goals that have been created for each student with an eligibility in special education.