Preventing & Resolving Problems in Long-Term Care

Unfortunately, it is common to experience problems with the long-term care system, from staff not answering call bells to administering medication without consent to abusing or neglecting the residents. You have a right to quality long-term care, and providers have an obligation to address your concerns.

Many people are afraid to complain because they fear retaliation from the staff. Retaliation does not happen as often as people fear. It’s important to weigh your concern about what might happen with your concern about what is happening right now.

There is certainly no guarantee that retaliation won’t occur, but there is the guarantee that nothing will change or improve if you don’t speak up.

The best way to prevent problems is to choose a quality provider from the beginning. For tips, see Evaluating Long-Term Care Providers and Ratings of Long-Term Care Facilities. It is also very important to participate as much as possible in your care by understanding your needs and communicating your preferences to your provider. Try to be calm, polite, and persistent when you communicate your desires.

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