Public Policy Goals

The board of directors adopted the following public policy goals to pursue in the 2017 session of the General Assembly.

  1. Require notification, access and input by residents, family members or responsible parties in the penalty determination process for adult and family care homes.
  2. Appropriate additional recurring state appropriations to meet the growing need and complexity of Adult Protective Services in North Carolina.
  3. Enact legislation that will bring North Carolina's Community Advisory Committees into compliance with Federal requirements for volunteer ombudsmen.
  4. Require an independent, objective cost study of the actual cost of providing care in assisted living facilities in North Carolina with the goal to increase reimbursement rates for personal care and special assistance if warranted.
  5. Enact state legislation to prohibit the use of mandatory pre-admission arbitration agreements as a condition of admittance to long term care.
  6. Appropriate an additional $750,000 to support North Carolina's Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.