Art with Mrs. Supert to a GREAT start in ART!

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This week kicked off the beginning of the school year with going over the Art Room expectations to keep the vibes positive and the creativity flowing in the studio.  We also made Art class a little more personal to the students by taking a few days to design our sketchbook covers and reflect on our process with an artist statement.

Check some of the finished covers!


Series of Three

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First Trimester Exploratory Art students created a portfolio of work titled, Series of Three-All About Me.  This unit taught the fundamentals of still life and composition, observational drawing techniques using contour line, value, and color theory.  Students chose objects that represented themselves in these meaningful and personal still-life compositions.  Each work of art focused on a new skill, the first being contour line.  Students arranged their objects, photographed a reference picture, and drew from observation to capture their objects using realistic textures and details.  Our second work of art focused on value and shading in order to create a realistic representation of one of their three chosen objects.  Students were encouraged to draw their object from a different perspective then the first contour, arranged and photographed their composition, and drew using observation drawing skills to capture the likeness of their objects.  For their third and final piece of the series, students learned about color theory and the application of color pencil techniques.  Students created another composition, photographing that object from a different perspective than their previous in the series.  At the conclusion of the projects, the students reflected on their artistic journey and the meaning behind their chosen objects.  They prepared their work for display by arranging their collected art works and artist statement, adding personal touches to their portfolio boards.

Take a look at the finished products!  They turned out wonderfully and I am very proud of what my students accomplished this past trimester in art!

Where did September go!?!

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Wow- is it really October 1st!  Where did the month of September go!  We have been busy in the Art Room learning about contour line, value, and shading through observation drawing of objects that have personal meaning to the artist.  There has been some challenges but a lot of growth through overcoming struggles, hard work, and perseverance- and I couldn't be more proud of my 1st-trimester artists!  

We are currently working on a collection of artwork, called The Series of Three, All About Me.  Students set up still life compositions, with three chosen objects that personally symbolic.  Using careful observation, students drew their still life using contour line.  


After spending a few weeks on Contour Line drawing, students began  learning about Light, Shadow, and Value.  We first practiced, by drawing an egg from observation.

Looks like someone got creative while practicing our studies in value!

Students then chose one of their three objects to draw again using local value and shade through observation.  This drawing will become the second piece in their Series of Three.  Students are working hard and their artwork is turning out awesome...can't wait to share the finished piece! 

Welcome back!

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We're off to a great start for 2016-17 at FPMS!  This week in the art studio, our artists in 6th, 7th and 8th Exploratory Art learned about color, experimented with oil pastel, and designed lovely covers for their sketchbook's that expresses their personality.  Take a look at the results!

Panthers Promote Peace!

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In an inter-disciplinary collaboration, 6th, 7th and 8th grade Social Studies classes teamed up with art to help promote peace.  Students created Pinwheels for Peace, in which they expressed their thoughts about peace through art.  We then gathered all pinwheels to participate in the Internationally celebrated art instillation, on World Peace Day, which is celebrated annually on September 21.  Check out the finished instillation here at FPMS....they turned out great!


Make your mark, and see where it takes you...

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Every September 15th(ish), students around the world celebrate "International Dot Day," based after the much-loved and award-winning children's book The Dot, written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.  After watching the animated version of The Dot, students in 6/7 Exploratory Art created their own "dot" in celebration of the artist in us all.  The students did a wonderful job...check out the finished instillation!

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