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  • Lead Team Update 1/24/19 The Search Team for our new Lead Pastor will be meeting in the coming weeks with Garth McGrath, Superintendent of the Great Lakes conference of Evangelical Covenant Church. Garth will ...
    Posted Jan 24, 2019, 8:13 AM by Tricia Anderson
  • Update from the Lead Team 1/18/19 Thank you to all who came to the CBM - Congregational Business Meeting on Tuesday, January 15. We are grateful for the strong attendance and thoughtful discussion. The following action was ...
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  • Beautiful Farewell and Congregational Business Meeting What a beautiful celebration of Pastor David and Venessa’s ministry we had on Sunday. THANKYOU to all who served and extended their gratitude and well wishes to the McCowan ...
    Posted Jan 11, 2019, 8:58 PM by Tricia Anderson
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Elected by the congregation, the Leadership Team is responsible for building, maintaining and overseeing the spiritual welfare of the congregation and for directing and overseeing all ministries and business affairs of the church.  The Lead Team is accountable to the congregation, who has the right and duty to review the conduct and character of the Leadership Team and its individual members to insure that they are fulfilling their responsibilities in a biblical and responsible manner.

Team Roster

Dave Hirvo (Secretary), Charlotte Olson, Craig McBrayer (Chair), Duane Schecter, Mary O'Brien (Vice Chair), Shane Clausen, Shannon Judson (Financial Officer), Troy Recknagel, Tricia Anderson, Pastor David McCowan

Meeting Times/Location

First and Third Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. in B-1.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Leadership Team members have the following functions as set forth in the Scriptures: guide the church under the direction of the Holy Spirit, shepherd followers of Christ and seekers, teach and preach, admonish and discipline those in error in accordance with the Scripture and pray for the sick. In fulfilling these functions, the Leadership Team shall pray consistently, call the church to prayer and otherwise direct and oversee all ministries and business affairs of the church. Specific responsibilities of the Leadership Team include the following: 
    • present annual mission and ministry objectives to the congregation; 
    • determine Ministry Teams needed to carry out the church's mission and ministry, and appoint appropriate leadership for the Ministry Teams; 
    • approve church policies;
    • be responsible for representing the congregation in certain staff relationships including: 
      • hiring and dismissal of staff subject to the provisions of these Bylaws. Action shall be by 2/3 vote of those in attendance; At least two people from the committee or ministry team most directly affected by the position shall be involved in the selection and hiring process of staff. 
      • annual appraisal of the senior pastor and of the ministry staff, and providing godly counsel or discipline as required; 
      • annual review and approval of staff compensation and compensation for new staff; and other personnel expenses for any staff member or activity;
      • establishment and administration of personnel policies;
      • approval of changes in staff job descriptions and approval of job descriptions for new staff positions; 
      • maintenance of current job descriptions for all staff members;
    • be responsible for overseeing the preparation and submission of a proposed budget for each fiscal year to the membership for approval. Upon approval of the budget by the membership, the Leadership Team shall be responsible for seeing that the budget is carried out as approved. The Leadership Team shall have the authority to appropriately adjust budget items and amounts where ministry objectives necessitate except as specifically restricted by congregational vote but in no event shall total expenditures exceed the total authorized budget without prior notification of the membership.
  • appoint a Bookkeeper to disburse funds for church purposes in accordance with standard accounting procedures for non-profit organizations. The Bookkeeper may be a member of the staff or an outside service as determined by the Leadership Team. The Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Bookkeeper shall be covered by appropriate fidelity insurance or bonding as determined by the Leadership Team and paid for by the church. The Leadership Team shall annually arrange for a review of the financial records of the church and report such findings to the congregation. An audit shall be conducted at least every 7 years. The Leadership Team shall review, update and approve policies and procedures to assure adequate separation of duties in all church financial matters.
  • listen and respond appropriately to concerns of members; 
  • be responsible for church discipline as outlined in Article I, Section 6 of these Bylaws;
  • act as the trustees of the church for the advancement and protection of its assets. The Leadership Team shall designate those Leadership Team members and any other members of the church who shall be authorized to sign legal documents on behalf of the church;
  • be responsible for action on applications for membership as outlined in Article I, Section 4 of the church Bylaws and for withdrawal and removal of members as set forth in Article I, Section 7.
  • implement the vision and directives of the congregation in a manner consistent with Covenant doctrine, and communicate to the members in a timely manner the decisions that it makes.
  •  meet with ministry teams at least annually.to review the respective ministries and plan future mission and ministry objectives; listen and respond to proposals and concerns of said teams and meet with them such additional times as required to properly fulfill the role of overseer of the Ministry Teams.
  •  be responsible through its individual members to review published minutes and actions of the Leadership Team and affirm that they are correct or present corrections to be published for the general membership.
  • hold one another accountable to live lives consistent with the calling of leaders/elders of the church. 

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