The purpose of this site is to provide a collaborative tool for a 36 hour hackaton that will take place September 16th, right here, online. Contributors from Neuro-Cloud have been volunteering their time to author chapters in a free, CC Introduction to Neuroscience textbook. We need to finish it. 

Next Generation Publishing has volunteered to pick up the project to produce the textbook as an ebook/app/webapp. The content will always remain under the creative commons 3.0 attribution license hosted by Next Generation Publishing and will remain forever free. 

If you have any questions, please email Andrew.Varnell@NGTPortal.com

What do i do?

Step 1: Join the google group -opens a new window

Step 2: Decide how you would like to help

Step 3: Help!

Step 4: Spread the word, we don't have a lot of time!


Site acting goofy? Sorry, we quickly threw it together and were not able to test it as well as we could have. As with most things in science, this is an experiment too. 
FORCE11 is a movement to change the future of e-scholarship.  It is a community working together and collaborating on projects, sharing activities, participating in events, sharing resources and expertise, in support of the goal of advancing scholarly communication.  The website has been set up for this growing community to gather and disseminate information and help support FORCE11 member activities.    
Neuro-Cloud.net is an Open Data-Share Platform designed to foster transparency, the free exchange of data and open collaboration in neuroscience and outreach to communities interested in the brain. Due to the time expense and manpower needed to publish in a standard journal, a lot of good data stays on the shelf unpublished. Neuro-cloud takes advantage of credible pre-print archives to establish precedent and encourage citations for use in future grants/research.  This gives smaller datasets a means of distribution and fosters collaboration by facilitating ratings, comments and emails for investigators.
Next Generation Publishing
Next Generation Publishing was started in 2013 to act as a digital publishing platform that could protect open-access works from entities wishing to restrict access. While we allow for our works to be used commercially, we require that attribution be given in each instance. Our goal is to provide a platform so content creators can be free to publishing and create innovated ideas, without having to worry about production, legal issues, and distribution. Our first published work will be 'Neuro-Cloud's an Introduction to Neuroscience'. We hope to continue our work with any organization wanting to provide great free content.