Wednesday Ski lessons at the Pass
The Alpine Touring (Randonnee) ski course is a six consecutive week x 2 hours per evening - on snow - program featuring class sections at all ability levels from beginners through advanced skiers. The course emphasizes learning and improving ski technique,  to develop and enhance skills for having fun in the back-country.

The Telemark section is same time, same place, same format, only students and instructors will be free-heel. 

Class meets Wednesday evenings from 01/03/18 to 02/07/18, 7:30-9:30PM
Makeup date is 2/14/15 if needed.

Location: Summit West at Snoqualmie
Fee: Members: $186   Guests: $236
Late Enrollment Fee: $236

Additional Course Info

Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Randonnee or the Telemark course students should be able to: 
  • For beginners, students learn basic skills for maintaining balance over their skis while executing efficient turns.     
  • Advanced sections cover topics such as skiing on the steep and crud, jump turns, on and off piste, and entry into the fall-line.
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