Walk-Thru Information

 Thursday, August 09 - 1pm to 7pm 

What to do prior to August 09: 
1) Complete Data Verification process via HomeLink - Window opens Wednesday, August 02nd.  

2) Print out the Emergency Card Instructions 

3) Fill out the 3 Year Dance Permission Slip only if you have an incoming 6th Grader or you 
     have a new to Foothill 7th or 8th Grader

4) Directory sign-up 

5) Volunteer sign-up for school year events (not for Walk-Thru). 
  • See home page for Walk-Thru volunteer sign-ups. 

When to arrive: 
Random last name initial drawing was held and here is the breakdown: 
 *Time      Last Name Starts with: 
 1:00pm to 1:30pm E  or  M  or  U
 1:30pm to 2:00pm S or Y
 2:00pm to 2:30pm B or Z
 2:30pm to 3:00pm  A   or  G  or  I 
 3:00pm to 3:30pm  C   or  J   or N 
 3:30pm to 4:00pm H  or  F  or  R 
 4:00pm to 4:30pm D  or V  or  W
 4:30pm to 5:00pm K  or O  or  Q or  T or  X 
 5:00pm to 5:30pm L  or  P 
 5:30pm to ♥7:00pm OPEN TO ALL 

*If you cannot make your last name window, you may be asked to wait until the line dissipates before entering Walk-Thru.  

♥ Last admittance is 6:30pm

What to bring: 
  • 3 Year Dance Permission Slip (again only if you have an incoming 6th grader or are new 7th or 8th grader) 
  • Emergency Card printed out. Instructions  
  • Three to four checks or two to three checks and a credit card
  • Please, no cash bills larger than $20.00. 
  • Your patience.  We are a very, very large middle school over 1,000 students.  
        Checks made payable to: 
        1) Foothill PFA - Cash, Check or Credit Card
        2) Foothill ASB - Cash or Check (See sample receipt For Planner and/or ASB Sticker)   
        3) Foothill MS  - Cash or Check  (See sample receipt for Classroom Donations)
        4) Foothill ASB - Cash or Check (Spirit Wear) 

What to expect at each stop along your Walk-Thru journey:  

1. 6th Graders see Mary Shepherd inside MU with proof of residency & drop off Emergency Card.  Types of Residency Verification Documents. 

2. 7th & 8th Graders drop off Emergency Card - Inside MU 

3. Cafeteria - Outside MU 

4. Dance Permission Slip Drop Off - Outside T-Wing

5. PFA - MU 

6. Pick up schedule - Inside T-2

7. Receive two blank receipts for: ASB & Foothill Classroom Donations - Inside T-2

8. Cashier - Inside T-2 
         Purchase Planner, make classroom donations, optional PE clothes purchase,  
         and receive Student Policies and Procedures. 

9. Foothill Spirit Wear - Inside T-5 

10. Extra-Curricular Activities - Outside T6 & T7: *Boy Scouts Troop 832, MDUSD Intramural After School Sports; *The Creek, *The City of Walnut Creek; *Odyssey of the Mind Informational Flyer - Website for *Odyssey of the Mind, *Walnut Creek Wrestling Club, *Washington DC Trip Trip ID: 148939 (*not school or district sponsored), and more! 

11. Pick up PE Clothes if purchased with the cashier - Inside B-Wing

12. ECK - Environmentally Concerned Kids - Inside B-Wing
13. Directory and 2018-2019 School Volunteer sign-ups - Inside B-Wing

14. Locker Cards - Inside B-Wing (only if application was received in office prior to August 04th) 

15. Text Books - Outside C-Wing (Your patience is appreciated if the line is lengthy

Exit or 

16. Optional Schedule Change Request - Inside A-Wing in School Office 

 Don't forget school supply shopping!!!  

     i.e. incoming 6th graders, new to Foothill 7th or 8th Graders.
       Print out and then fill out.  Bring with you to Walk-Thru.  

Data Verification Process - Emergency Card: 

Opens Wednesday, August 01st through your Parent HomeLink account.  

Click on this link to see the instructions to verify your data on HomeLink.  
Once you have verified the data, print out the emergency card.  

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of verifying your child's data.    

We need current emails, updated emergency contacts with current phone numbers, and current medical information for your child.  Accurate data is vital for your child's safety. 

You will also need to accept the Responsible Use Policy for your child to use any computer on campus. 

Not accepting the Media Release authorization will entail a second contact to you to see if you wish to have your child in the Foothill Yearbook.   

If you have been at Foothill and were part of the data verification last school year, you do not need to redo your authorizations.  Please check the accuracy of your other information.  

Save time! 
Fill out Directory & School Volunteer 
sign-ups prior to Walk-Thru: 
  • Directory Link 
  • Volunteer Link for school year events (not for Walk-Thru Volunteers) 
School Pictures:  Use the Creative Imaging Link to pre-order a Fall Picture Packet.  During your child's PE class, ALL students will have their picture taken on August 24 or 25 for the Yearbook and their school ID. Send print out with your child on August 20/21. Flyer

Yearbooks: Use the Yearbook Link to pre-order a 2018-2019 Foothill Yearbook.  Enter code 6047. The price is $50.00 until December 31, 2017.  On January 01, 2018, the price will increase to $65.00.  We will not be able to take cash or checks for yearbooks in the school office until May 2018.   8th Grade Yearbook Ads are also available on line.  

Please donate to the Foothill Education Fund by using the following Link.  The Ed Fund bridges the gap between public funding and the true cost of a Foothill education.  

Your Ed Fund donation has paid for: 
  • Reduced math and science class sizes in ALL grade levels
  • Lunch time Library access   
  • Computer Lab assistant   
  • Technology support   
  • New lockers in the GYM.
  • New Chromebooks vital for learning and testing.  
  • Your donation is tax deductible.  

We really, really want you to participate in Walk-Thru on August 09th.  

Why would we need you to come on another day? 

You should visit us after August 09th if you have any of the following six issues:

1) You have a 7th grader and have not given us proof of Tdap by August 03rd.
2) You have not signed up for HomeLink.  
      We do not have the volunteers to help you on Walk-Thru Day with this task.
3) You have not done your Data Verification.  
   You cannot participate in Walk-Thru without the printed Emergency Card.  
     You have to do the Data Verification process in order to print out the Emergency Card.
4) You have not printed out your Emergency Card.  
   We do not have the staff or volunteers available to facilitate your printing needs. 

5) You have a 6th grader and you do not have your Residency Verification items.  Types of Residency Verification Documents. 

6) You and your family are out of town on August 09th. 

There are three clerical staff.  Just three.  Unlike the dozens and dozens of volunteers that we will have on August 09th. If any of the three office staff are helping with Tdap, not signed-up for HomeLink, Data Verification, printing of the Emergency Card, there will be a delay with you helping you and the parent that is next in line will be delayed as well.   

Frequently asked Questions 

Can I get my student's schedule before Walk-Thru? No. 

Can I use a credit/debit card for ASB or Classroom donations?  Not for this Walk-Thru.  April 2018 we will be looking into various vendors to accommodate online payments . 

My child's schedule is wrong or is missing a class, what do I do?  After Textbook pickup there will be directions to the Foothill Office where you can fill out a change request. 

When will I know my child's schedule has been change? You can check through HomeLink on Saturday, August 15th.  Look under the Student Info tab then under Classes.  

What is the first day of School?  Thursday, August 16th.  Students will meet all 7 periods.  

What time should my child be at school on Thursday, August 16th? The warning bell rings at 8:10am.  Students need to be in their seats by 8:15am. 

Can I walk my child to class?  No. 

What time is dismissal on Thursday, August 16?  2:30pm.  

What time does school dismiss on Wednesday, August 22nd?  1:40pm (we will be on an assembly schedule with one lunch).

Is there always an early dismissal of 1:40pm on Wednesdays?  Yes.  Every Wednesday is a staff meeting after-school

I do not understand the drop rotation schedule?  Not to worry, you child will pick up on the schedule quickly.  New to Foothill students can attend Camp Griffin on Friday, August 10th to learn more.  See below.  

Where can I find the daily drop rotation schedule?  Two places: go back to the home page under the Daily Bulletin tab.  The Daily Bulletin has the daily drop rotation schedule and the announcements that are read in the morning at 8:15am by Leadership Students.  Second is the Student Policies and Procedures.  

More questions?  Look at the Student Policies and Procedures.  Every student will receive a Student Policies and Procedures booklet at Walk-Thru.  This booklet is to be kept in the back of the student's core binder. You can also call the Foothill Office Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm 
925-939-8600 or email: martine@mdusd.org.  


Outside student lockers are to be used before school, during brunch, during lunch and after school.  If you are in front of the C-wing during lunch, you can only access your locker during the first five minutes of lunch and the last five minutes of lunch.  The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.  Students are advised not to keep valuables (including money) in school lockers.  For the 2018-2019 school year, lockers will be available to 6th, 7th & 8th graders after they have completed a locker application and pay fees.  6th graders will be three students per locker. 7th and 8th graders will be two students per locker.  Lockers are available on a first come basis.


PE Lockers will be assigned by the PE Department for student’s PE clothes and shoes only.  School materials should not be stored in PE lockers as access is limited.  Students will share a locker with another student.  Students that misplace or lose their locks will be charged $5.00 for replacement.

Griffin Tour 

Friday, August 10th   

Foothill's Multi-Use Room (under the mural)

Incoming 6th Graders: 9:00am to 11:00am 

New to Foothill 7th or 8th Graders 11:15am to 11:45am

Bring schedule and wear comfortable walking shoes.  

Parents/Guardians do not stay for Griffin Tour. 

A student only event lead by Foothill Leadership Students.