The Foote School Art Department strives to cultivate within its students a lifelong love and appreciation for art. The K-9 curriculum is designed to teach students developmentally appropriate skills and techniques at each grade level that build on one another to enhance their aesthetic sensibilities, deepen their critical thinking, and empower their ability to create works of art that are true representations of their ideas and their talent.


The process begins by creating an inviting and inspiring classroom environment designed to spark students’ imaginations and put their creativity to work through hands-on lessons that build confidence and skills and cater to their individual learning styles. Students are encouraged to ask questions, engage in positive dialogue about their work and the work of their peers. Students also learn the forms, techniques and languages of art by being exposed to art history and the work of renowned artists the world over and apply these lessons to their own work.  Many projects are designed to be interdisciplinary, tied to the curricula of other learning departments, from math and science to language arts and history. The Art Department is proud to display all or our students’ artwork on a regular basis through exhibitions as well as through publication in print and online.