About Us

Our Directors, Mr. & Mrs. Goh have had more than 20 years of experience in the food line. They started out as Cooking Instructors and proceeded to set up their own cooking institution, Fook Pan Cookery Institution.

Fook Pan Cookery Institution grew to be a great success for their founders. Students having savored the culinary delights of the Gohs encouraged them to start making and selling their delicious food products. That is how it all began.

Production started small scale but in 1994, as orders began to pour in, Mr. and Mrs. Goh decided that it was time to set up another company to handle the food manufacturing exclusively so that Fook Pan Cookery Institution could concentrate on its core competency, the cooking classes.

On the 9th March, 1994, Fook Pan Food Industries was incorporated. The business increased slowly but surely and in mid 1997, Fook Pan Food Industries expanded to a factory premise and acquired new machinery to cater for the increasing demand and sales volume. This enabled the company to serve many diverse customers as well as handle contract manufacturing.

Fook Pan Food Industries has established a loyal and expanding customer following with our quality products. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction in our product offerings and are confident of being able to meet customer requirements in a timely and professional manner.