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NEW photos from our three Reciprocity Partnership Projects

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Las Tres Rs

A Venezuelan Campesino Food Sovereignty Experience: Nov 2011

This video, recorded in November 2011, provides a very brief visual "shapshot" of the incredible food sovereignty work being done at Reciprocity's core Venezuelan Campesino Partnership Projects . As you will see, each Partnership Project site provides a unique perspective on just some of the multitude of innovative pathways Venezuela campesinos are taking in their food sovereignty journey! 

While it remains a struggle, requiring total dedication and commitment by all members of these still emerging campesino communities, it is their positivity, solidarity and sense of real purpose in all that they do, that offers a genuine sense of hope for the future and that a better world is truly possible. 

Stay tuned for lots more videos in early 2012, where you will see and hear, in detail, their projects, their insights, their challenges and the realisation of their revolutionary food sovereignty aspirations.

We offer special recognition to the inspirational music of Ali Primera - renowned Venezuelan singer of revolutionary tales. 

PROLESA: Una Historia de lucha y resistencia

This fantastic video produced by the members of the PROLESA dairy and cheese cooperative in the state of Tachira, Venezuela tells the story of their struggle for survival and their resistance against the 
anti-revolutionary forces within Venezuela and beyond. Their story presents a riveting view of the huge challenges the community face and overcome in their daily lives just to produce and sell their own cheese in a way that they choose. 

PROLESA's story offers powerful insights to other small farmers across the world. PROLESA's cooperative members demonstrate how by working together with other farmers and community members to value add to their raw product (milk) and then sell their cheese and yogurt directly to their customers, many of the challenges of developing and sustaining a model for localised food sovereignty can be overcome.  

The 3Rs A Small Co-op With A Big 
Food Sovereignty Vision

The 3 Rs cooperative is an amazing model of just what social, food production, economic, agroecological, and political outcomes are possible on a small campesino cooperative.  There are 8 families in this cooperative, and they have 87 hectares of land.  

In this video, Fray Silvera talks about how the cooperative started with 100% government support and now they are 80% self managed. Their aim is to be fully self funded and then to help others. They wish to be an example for others to follow by raising consciousness that as campesinos, they can do it themselves. This story, as told by Fray, is inspirational.
Special thanks to our talented translator Federico Fuentes
Special thanks also to Venezuela campesina, fantastic song writer & singer Olga Carvajal

An Amazing Farming Concept: The Socialist Communal City Simon Bolivar
(Reciprocity Partnership Project:  Communal Campesino City-Apure)

Venezuela’s “Socialism of the 21st Century” has been applied in large-scale in the Simon Bolivar Socialist Communal Campesino City. Located near the town of Guasdualito, in the state of Apure, the communal city encompass over 8000 farming families, divided into 8 communal complexes, over an area of 115 000 hectares.  

Watch the video below to see footage that shows the amazing extent of the Communal City, and listen to spokesperson, Antonio Martez, as he talks passionately about what the people within the community are wishing to achieve together to improve their lives.

Special thanks to our talented translator Federico Fuentes
Special thanks also to Venezuela campesina, fantastic song writer & singer Olga Carvajal

PROLESA Campesinos Share their Struggles for
Food Sovereignty

(Reciprocity Partnership Project: PROLESA-Tachira)

PROLESA is a small dairy cooperative in the Venezuelan state of Tachira. It is located in a river delta about 50 kms from San Cristobal. The community is made up of about 250 farming families and 25 of those families are involved in the PROLESA Dairy Cooperative. While some crops are grown, the main focus of the cooperative is to purchase milk from the local community for the production and distribution of cheese and yogurt. In this short video, cooperative members share the amazing stories of their struggles to achieve food sovereignty, their insights for success and their visions for the future.

Special thanks to our talented translator Federico Fuentes
Special thanks also to Venezuela campesina, fantastic song writer & singer Olga Carvajal

Venezuelan Agroecology: An Economic Imperative
(Reciprocity Partnership Project: IPIAT/IALA-Barinas)

Small-scale farmer Alejandro Esculana is committed to demonstrating to the critics that agroecological farming methods can not only be socially and environmentally successful but can also generate real economic outcomes.

Hear Alejandro's incredible story of how he, with the help of his wife Carolina and prominent Venezuelan agroecologist Professor Miguel Angel Nunez, transformed his life
from a city-focused businessman to a highly innovative agroecologicial farmer. Be inspired by his logical, forward-thinking and surprisingly simple strategies to produce healthy food in an economically viable manner.

Special thanks to our talented translator Federico Fuentes

This latest book on food sovereignty shows a system that will provide for the food needs of all people while respecting the principles of environmental sustainability, local empowerment and agrarian citizenship. The current high input, industrialized, market-driven food system fails on all these counts.