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Big Foot Area Schools Mathematics Philosophy

The continuation of a democratic society depends upon good decisions made by an informed electorate.  Mathematical ideas and processes are key to the making of such decisions and hence, mathematical literacy is mandatory for all citizens.  It is also felt that all students can learn to think mathematically and hereby develop mathematical power.  Therefore, the BFASA mathematics program concerns itself with the development of of mathematical power for all students.  Literacy shall include a broad range of mathematical skills and knowledge as well as the ability to apply these to a wide range of problem solving situations that cut across personal, scientific, political, and economic affairs.

The Big Foot Area Schools' mathematics program concerns itself with attracting students to careers in mathematics and mathematics related fields, and with preparing them to deal with the mathematics required for the successful pursuit of all carers and phases of life.  Also, the study of mathematics and mathematical structures has its own intrinsic value as an intellectual pursuit.  The BFASA mathematics program concerns itself with providing motivating and intellectually challenging experiences for all students.  Through these experiences in mathematics, students will acquire personal satisfaction and growth.  Such successful experiences in mathematics will promote the continued study of mathematics throughout students' schooling and will promote scholarly approaches to other areas of human endeavors.