Big Foot Area Schools Association

Welcome to the Big Foot Area Schools Association!  
The Curriculum and Professional Development department coordinates opportunities for teachers, administrators, and the community to ensure a high level of learning for all students.  

Our goal is to:
1. Ensure curriculum follows local, state, and global intentions
2. Provide a consistent curriculum for all students to learn and succeed
3. Guide the development of common assessments to measure student learning
4. Plan professional development opportunities based on researched-based practices and  strategies for all staff 

The Big Foot Area Schools Association (BFASA) is a consortium consisting of Fontana Elementary School, Reek Elementary School, Sharon Community School, Walworth Elementary School, and Big Foot Union High School.  

*This website is dedicated to coordinating curriculum between districts for the benefit of our students and transparency for parents and guardians.  This site was created by and is managed by the BFASA Curriculum Office. 
*The artwork featured on this site was created by students across the consortium.
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