Fond du Lac School District Mission Statement 

The mission of the Fond du Lac School District, in partnership with family and the community, is to promote high achievement and foster the continuous growth of the whole child, so that each becomes a creative, contributing citizen in a global society by providing personalized learning opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment.



Fond du Lac High School Vision Statement 

We inspire and challenge all students to become college- and career-ready through active engagement, respectful interactions, and standards-based, data-

driven instruction.

Fond du Lac High School Song 

Dear Fondy High, We sing to thee,

Of victory and fame,

Of comradeship and loyalty,

Success shall be our aim.

So let us stand for what is right,

Be it great or small.

And we give three cheers for

Red and White

We shall always heed thy call.

U-rah-rah Fond du Lac

U-rah-rah Fond du Lac

U-rah-rah Fond du Lac