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CEO Profile

Mr. Takashi UCHIDA has been working as a Self Leadership guru and President and CEO of Follow Dream Inc., and consults strategic management plus self leadership for corporation and professionals. He also contributes to 6-7 major Japanese media such as Toyo Keizai, NEC Wisdom, Mainichi Communications etc and appeared on TBS radio.
Prior to starting his company, he was a Japan leader of online strategy, online Citizenship activity, and online customer satisfactory program at Microsoft. Steve Ballmer praised Takashi's results as "outstanding!" 
At NEC, He developed and led several key business and organizational strategies such as achieving US$2.5B sales in two years and developing restructuring plan of US$4B organization, and was selected as the first chief assistant of top management in mobile business, and got president award after joining three months. He was the first employee to be transferred from its subsidiary, where he initially started his career as a software engineer, to the head office to support CEO's strategy. 
Due to Takashi's superior results and great personality, 60+ head hunters approached to him.
He obtained his M.S. in Management (MBA) from MIT Sloan School of Management, and studied Leadership at Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government. He obtained his MSc and BSc in Nuclear Physics at Hokkaido University.

- Leadership
- Strategy
- Negotiation and Conflict Management
- Project Management
- Entrepreneurship
- Cultural Management and Communication


The notion of "leadership" is a complex one. Others lead through "commands" and subordinates follow because that is what is expected from them. Yet others lead through "role modeling" or through what is becoming more known today as "self-leadership." Self-Leadership skills are a "must" for 21st century business professionals.  Follow Dream Inc. and Takashi Uchida's consulting and seminar service aims to develop leaders who can lead themselves with confidence, then lead others/organizations as a role model with the ability to inspire others from "within."  It will work through a conceptual "BTARR" framework model to better understand the importance of Self-leadership but more importantly, to acquire the practical skills. As Yukichi Fukuzawa (author of "Gakumon no Susume" and whose picture appears on JPY10,000 bill) mentioned:  "Develop independent People to develop an independent Country," so can an organization develop a strong and independent organization through developing Self-Leaders. By the end of this service, participants should have more confidence in leading one's self both in life and business, and enhance their ability to influence others/organizations effectively and correctly.

Consulting & Seminar
  • Self Leadership Consulting
  • Motivation Management and Empowerment Consulting
  • Strategic Self-Management Consulting
  • Negotiation Consulting
  • Self-Negotiation Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting for Corp. to work with Japanese Corp.
  • Cultural Understanding for Global Managers in Japan
  • Career Consulting and Coaching

Company Brochure

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List of Precious Customers (example)

P&G, Nippon Steel Corporation, NEC, Mainichi Communications, Toyo Keizai (media), Tokyo Broadcasting System, Temple University Japan, 
Keio Business School, Waseda Business School, etc
1,000+ Business Professionals and Executives as Individual Customers