Foundation for On-Line Genealogy

To make family history research easier, faster, and more rewarding
  • Provide a comprehensive index to genealogical information, whether on-line or off-line, free to the public
  • Provide a community environment where people share their genealogical knowledge and data
  • Help archives and genealogical organizations put genealogical data on-line
  • Access to basic information should be free.
  • We're here to serve the needs to the genealogical community.
  • Collaboration is encouraged by equality and equanimity.


What is the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy (FOLG)? FOLG is a non-profit Utah corporation dedicated to the above mission.

Current project FOLG sponsors the development and hosting of, the world's largest genealogy wiki. Access to WeRelate is free to the public.

How can I get involved? Anyone can edit, add to and create wiki pages. Please feel free to share what you know at WeRelate. We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Software developers to help with open-source projects: wiki implementation and web search. Contact Dallan at
  • Volunteers to write research guides, tips, and strategies for US States and various countries. Contact Solveig at
  • Volunteers to oversee and monitor the integrity of wiki pages. Contact Solveig at

Future projects We plan to create open-source tools to help archives and genealogical organizations put genealogical data on-line.