Front Of House MIX

Live Sound Reinforcement Engineering

It seems that many starting individuals and small groups have some great talent, but lack a decent Sound Reinforcement System to provide a well engineered sound to their audience.  It is my desire to help those individuals and groups get established and noticed.

I am happy to engineer for you, or to train your people how to engineer better.  Or, if you have the vocalists, the instruments, and stage talent, and I can supply the mics & instrument feeds into a complete and well engineered sound system.  Either way, together, we can provide your audience with the best possible experience.

Audio Systems Design & Improvements

Involved in Live Sound Engineering since 1982, and with 20+ years in the electronics manufacturing and design field, I am more than happy to use the talents God has blessed me with to help any local church or Christian ministry get the most out of your systems at no cost.

Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade your system, or just learn how to most effectively use what you already have, I am available to help you get the most out of your electro-acoustic systems and ask nothing in return - all free.