B2B Content Marketing is the best way engage with your prospects and grow your audience.

Thank you for inquiring about FohBoh Media's content marketing programs. We use a unique portfolio of social web properties that fully leverage our Foodservice Community and its extended reach to the foodservice industry. The following outlines three content marketing programs that we believe offer significant value to extend the reach of your company’s marketing program based on the FohBoh platform. We have three programs, each for a one-month minimum term, with discounts beginning with a three-month program cycle. 

Our programs are designed to syndicate and distribute your content through our portfolio of social web channels, platforms, products that target our subscribers, connections and followers. You are responsible for providing all content, links and media assets. We distribute and syndicate according to a media calendar you establish across our foodservice industry web properties.

If you would like us to create content for you, including white papers, see Other Services below.

Basic - Program A 

$1,500 per month (3-month minimum - $6,000)

  • 3 social media content inclusions/day
    • Twitter
    • FohBoh Restaurant Network - LinkedIn
    • Michael Atkinson Connections - LinkedIn
  • Email Blast
    • Email Blasts - 1 HTML email blast linking to your content

Premium - Program B

$2,500 per month (3-month minimum - $7,500)

  • 5 social media content inclusions/day
    • Twitter
    • FohBoh Restaurant Network - LinkedIn
    • Michael Atkinson Connections - LinkedIn
  • inFOH Newsletter
    • 3 Mentions with links to http
  • Email Blasts
    • Branded Email Blasts - 2 HTML email blasts linking to your relevant content

Premium - Program C  

$4,000 per month (3-month minimum - $12,000)

  • 8 social media content inclusions/day
    • Twitter
    • FohBoh Restaurant Network - LinkedIn
    • Michael Atkinson Connections - LinkedIn
  • inFOH Newsletter
    • 5 Mentions with links to http
    • Email Blasts
  • inFOH advertising
    • Leaderboard - Banner ad rotation
  • Email Blasts - 
    • Branded Email Blasts - 4 HTML email blasts linking to your relevant content

Other Services

  • Content Writer @$125/hour
  • Original Content $1,500/article
  • Restaurant technology White Paper and syndication $7,500
  • Banner ad is $1,200 per month

An Impression sometimes called a view or an ad view is a term that refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a visitor, subscriber, connection, follower or member, or displayed once on a web page. The number of impressions of a particular advertisement is determined by the number of times the particular page is located and loaded.

We define “reach” as the total number of estimated unique Twitter users that tweets about the #searchterm were delivered to. “Exposure” is the total number of times tweets and posts about the search term were delivered to streams or the number of overall potential “impressions” generated. We generally include #tags to ensure to deliver even the most more value per program.

True Reach
True reach measures how many people FohBoh influences both within our immediate network and across our web property followers’ extended networks. Our content is retweeted, shared and re-posted frequently so the number of people reached can make FohBoh’s true reach much higher.

Amplification is how much FohBoh and its team influences people in our network and our connections, subscriber and members' extended networks. This indicates how likely our followers, connections, subscribers, and members are likely to respond to published content.

For most of our advertising clients, it’s about impressions and ultimately engagement not click-throughs on banner ads. The is why we offer Content Marketing Programs that leverage our subscribers, connections, and followers (Total Audience) across all our foodservice industry web properties. Amplification generally favors those who are very engaged with their audience. Amplification and True Reach seem to somewhat balance each other out. Moreover, we adapt to our client's SEO strategy and ensure your content is tagged appropriately on all FohBoh web properties.

Network Impact
We are 100% B2B restaurant technology  focused and have been since our founding in 2007. We define our network impact as the total influence of our highly targeted foodservice industry audience – so we interact with key influencers and their network, so there is a higher likelihood the impact of your message will be higher.  And, with frequent social insertions, our audience becomes more familiar with a brand. 

Once you have selected the Program that works best for you, send is an I/O (Insertion Order) for your program or Ala Carte requirements. We'll contact you with an asset request, links to a shared media content calendar and an invoice for the Program you choose. All programs are pre-paid.  We will be reserving inventory for your program and expect to interface periodically regarding updated content, content links, HTML assets to include in the program, etc.

Marketing services fees are only payable via PayPal. We will send an invoice to you via PayPal.

Content Marketing Solutions

Brand Awareness: inFOH offers advertisers premium newsletter placements and multiple IAB ad units to promote your products and services, targeting key influencers in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Influencers: Positioning yourself as a thought leader on inFOH and via multiple FohBoh Media web properties. We can promote white papers, webinars, events, blogs among other branded digital assets. 

Lead Generation: FohBoh Media offers it's advertisers lead-generation programs that leverage a highly targeted audience interested in restaurant technology. Combine newsletter advertising with exclusive outreach that drives traffic to your business.

Promotions: Create interest in your new products and services by promoting them on inFOH.  

Thank you. 

Please send us an email to advertising@fohboh.com with any questions you may have, and someone will contact you. 

Updated: June, 2019