FohBoh Content Marketing Programs and Fees

 B2B Content Marketing Programs

Thank you for inquiring about FohBoh’s content marketing programs. 

We use a unique portfolio of social web properties that fully leverage the FohBoh B2B Foodservice Community and its extended reach to the foodservice industry. The following outlines three content marketing programs that we believe offer significant value to extend the reach of your company’s marketing program based on the FohBoh platform. We have three programs for a 3-month term. Feel free to select one, or any combination of programs for the three month pilot.

Our programs are deigned to syndicate and distribute your content though our portfolio of social web channels, platforms, products that target our members, subscribers, connections and followers. You are responsible for providing all content, links and media assets. We distribute and syndicate according to a media calendar across our Foodservice industry web properties.



We define “reach” as the total number of estimated unique users that your content were delivered to. “Exposure” is the total number of times your content was included in a search term were delivered to social media streams, or the number of overall potential “impressions” generated. 

True Reach

True reach measures how many people FohBoh and it's web properties influences both within our immediate network and across our web property followers’ extended networks. Our content is retweeted and re-posted frequently and / or by people with a large number of followers which can make FohBoh’s true reach will be higher.


Amplification is how much FohBoh influences people in our network and our followers’ and members’ extended networks. This indicates how likely our followers, subscribers and members are likely to respond to published content.

For our advertising clients it’s all about engagement not CPM rates or click throughs on banner ads. We post CPM rates because this is a familiar term to reference. Because our posted content is dynamic and not based on "site visits" we only offer content marketing programs that leverage our members, subscribers, connections, groups and followers (Total Audience) across all our foodservice industry web properties.

Amplification generally favors those who are very engaged with their audience. If you have ten followers and one of them retweets you, this will give you a higher amplification score than if you have a hundred followers and seven of them retweet you.  Amplification and True Reach seem to somewhat balance each other out.

Network Impact

We define our network impact as the influence of our highly targeted foodservice industry audience across all of our web properties – so we interact with members, subscribers, connections and follower and relevant key industry influencers and their networks, so there is a higher likelihood the impact for your content will be higher. 

We also include and leverage the large attentive social networks of Michael L. Atkinson, Chairman and founder of FohBoh. Michael is an active investor and entrepreneur in the foodservice industry and his reach is active, engaged and significant, as is his overall influence in the restaurant, food and restaurant tech sectors.


Once you have selected your program, we’ll send you an I/O, asset request, link to a shared media calendar and an invoice for the program you select. Payment reserves inventory and time allocation for our editors and is due in advance. We will reserve the inventory for your program, review the media calendar and expect to interface periodically via email regarding content, content links, HTML assets to include in the program, etc. When analytics are available, we will share these metrics at the conclusion of the program engagement.

Marketing services fees are only payable via PayPal to We will send an invoice via PayPal.

Please send us an email to with any questions you may have, and someone will contact you.

Thank you.

Updated: 5.1.17