Scott Neylon MDA PGCert(MgtSt)

Mr Neylon is a commercially astute management professional with over 30 years experience, having a strong IT and Telecom technology background and a sense of responsibility honed by his military background. Mr Neylon’s expertise is in building strategic relationships and negotiating win-win outcomes that create a “line of sight” between today’s products and processes, and tomorrow’s business successes.

His analytical background and broad experience provides a unique ability to balance strategic and tactical demands, and ensure a focus on the end business goals. He has an extensive, accomplishment-filled, history in service delivery, network operations, system development, program delivery and developing new business segments, all incorporating successful stints in steering change and reversing challenging relationships.

Mr Neylon’s greatest value is when he is responsible for tactical and strategic outcomes, and where his technical and operational skills are used to mentor and provide direction; his analytical skills are used in defining organisational strategy and targets; and his informal leadership style provides a secure but challenging environment in which team members flourish.